Yeelight Smart Lights Launch In UK To Bring Mood Lighting To Your Fingertips

Xiaomi-backed smart lighting company specialises in app-controlled lights. Focused on simplicity - Yeelight uses Bluetooth 4.0 so negates needs for hubs, Wi-Fi or net connection, and makes for a quick and straight-forward setup. Control from iOS or Android; with added features like colour changing, dimming, timer, disco music-sync mode and Flowing Colour

​Yeelight has announced that their range of app-controlled smart lights is now officially available in the UK. A leading home automation company in China, Yeelight products offer controllable lighting via iOS and Android apps, but focused on simplicity, so offer an easy and affordable way for customers to bring smart LED lighting to their lives.

The products now available across the UK are the Yeelight Blue II LED bulb (available in Edison Screw E27 or Bayonet B22 fix) and Yeelight Lightstrips LED strip lighting. Both work without the need to alter existing wiring or install extra equipment. Fit a Yeelight Blue II bulb in to any of your existing light sockets, or install Yeelight Lightstrips out of sight, for instance, under shelves or kitchen cabinets. Take control of the lights brightness and colour directly from the Yeelight app – with the ability to change multiple lights at once, or adjust each individually. 

Smart lighting customers have a limited choice in the UK, and our range of both bulb and strip lighting offers serious competition against established brands, giving a genuine alternative when fitting a home with easily controllable lighting.

Roy Tao, Yeelight UK

Yeelight allows a user to add fully controllable lighting to a home or business – with a choice of 16 Million colours available from each light. The Blue II bulb as well as supporting colour changing, also supports the full spectrum of white light, able to produce relaxing warm to concentration enhancing cool white.

Using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, Yeelight products can not only be setup minutes, but are also safe and secure – no Wi-Fi, Internet connection or additional wireless hubs are needed. As Yeelight offers bayonet, screw and strip lighting under one system, it allows users to add smart lighting anywhere with all lights controlled from one app, as well as add more lights whenever needed, and quickly move a lights location without needing to setup again. 

The Yeelight app offers features that aren’t found on traditional LED lights, like a timer (to go to bed and wake up with natural or coloured light), disco mode (that automatically syncs with music playing) and Flowing Colour™ (a patented technology that flows colours personalised to you around the room).

As a leading smart lighting brand, Yeelight only uses high quality components that combine to give highly energy-efficient bright light. Using only 88% of the energy of a normal light bulb, the Yeelight Blue II smart LED light also has a long life – one bulb can last for 20 years at 3-4 hours of usage per day. Yeelight Lightstrips last an average of 12 years, far exceeding the lifespan of the average LED light, and far exceeding traditional bulbs.

“We’re ecstatic to be introducing the Yeelight officially to the UK, with a UK based team offering support and advice to users. Smart lighting customers have a limited choice in the UK, and our range of both bulb and strip lighting offers serious competition against established brands, giving a genuine alternative when fitting a home with easily controllable lighting. We’re already seeing some great use cases from our customers in the UK – using Yeelight to illuminate kitchens, as a wake-up light, for controllable lighting in entertainment venues and much more. We’re looking forward to seeing how simple, safe and affordable smart lights change the landscape of UK lighting.” commented Roy Tao from Yeelight UK.

Pricing for the Yeelight Blue II bulb is £39.99 inc. VAT, with the 2m Lightstrips strip light at £59.99 inc. VAT. Products are available from major retail chains, including online at Amazon, Costco, Dabs, Ebuyer and Littlewoods, and instore at Sainsbury’s.


Notes to Editor:

Yeelight Blue II LED Smart Bulb
Product Code: BUL22BL0101 (Bayonet) / BUL27BL0101 (Screw)
Price: £39.99 inc VAT

Yeelight Lightstrips LED Light Strip
Product Code: STR00BL0101
Price: £59.99 inc VAT

Founded in 2012, Yeelight was formed by a worldwide collective of engineers and designers that believed in home automation and bringing new experiences to everyday objects. A graduate of the HAXLR8R incubator, the premiere accelerator program for hardware startups, Yeelight received a Series A investment in 2013 by Xiaomi, the largest mobile phone vendor in China (worth $46 billion).  Yeelight products are now available in 20 countries around the world.

In China, Yeelight products are controlled exclusively from the Xiaomi network router, however in Europe the products work standalone through Bluetooth. Imported versions do not work the same as Europe-specific products.

About Yeelight Smart Lighting

Yeelight is the easy & affordable way to bring smart LED lighting in to your home, controlled from your iOS or Android device.

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