yaza Lights Up HousingWire Tech100 for Real Estate

Named a top tech disruptor, yaza empowers big brokerages to attract digital natives

Initially driven by social distancing needs, the Silicon Valley-based social video start-up yaza is seeing growth accelerate as digital natives reach median first-time homebuyer age and join the real estate workforce as freshly minted agents. yaza's map-based story-telling tools provide the authenticity and immersive experiences that millennials and other young buyers want. Whether renting, buying or selling, yaza allows everyone involved to connect with each other on a personal level the way they do on the social apps they use on their phones every day.

yaza blends deep tech with a social platform that makes it more than just a home tour tool. It's a social video platform centered around agents, with features for creating home and neighborhood video tours that play like stories right on an iPhone. By providing an immersive experience for renters and buyers, yaza enables consumers to get a sense of what it's like to live in that specific home and neighborhood. Videos showcase nearby experiences, offering a powerful new way to authentically share and connect.

"Data shows that storytelling is the best form of persuasion. yaza's platform harnesses this by positioning agents as influencers and reinventing the whole journey through the eyes of the millennial homebuyer. Today's listing sites, with their one-dimensional photos, sterile 3D virtual tours, and endless follow-up phone calls are a major turnoff," says yaza's CEO and co-founder Peter Sisson.  

yaza's initial growth was spurred by its unique Certified Reality™ technology, which enables the app's story-like home tours to be authenticated and time-stamped, building trust when travel restrictions prevent in-person visits. HousingWire named yaza a Tech100 Award winner as a digital disruptor because its technology combines "the right formula of technology with business strategy, to solve real industry problems."

"I've been involved in choosing Tech100 winners since we started the program in 2014, and every year it manages to get more competitive," HousingWire Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler said. Companies like yaza are "truly leading the way to a more innovative housing market!"

yaza has developed a significant amount of proprietary technology, starting with its unique AI solution that harvests contextual data to offer better insights at scale than systems trained on transactional data alone. Sisson, who has a master's degree in AI from Stanford, points out that "everybody says they have AI. Almost nobody actually does. yaza's AI is real - developed by real scientists with PhDs."   

The platform benefits from years of field testing which refined the algorithm for location matching and HD video handling, enabling these features to work reliably even when GPS is distorted by buildings and mobile data is spotty.

A free, limited version of yaza is available now. The enhanced social version is rolling out in select cities, starting with Los Angeles, with a waitlist available at yaza.io/waitlist.

About yaza: 

yaza is the #1 real estate app for recording and sharing video home tours. yaza puts the control back into the real estate agents' hands by allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge and experience to build trust with clients and prospects - putting them at the center of the online buying experience. yaza is the flagship app of Yaza Society PBC, a public benefit corporation based in Silicon Valley with a mission to provide tools that promote truth and protect privacy on the internet. The company's groundbreaking Certified Reality™ technology guarantees that what you see in a yaza video happened exactly when and where shown. The Company was founded in 2018.

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Yaza, a Silicon Valley tech start-up, mission-driven company that creates tools to ensure the truthful and secure exchange of info through video. Yaza's Certified Reality™ tech authenticates each video's time & location, highly used in Real Estate.