YateBTS Introduces YateUCN - Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Integrate Evolved Packet Core Solution


Leading telecom solutions provider YateBTS introduces the cost-effective, easy-to-integrate, and flexible EPC solution - YateUCN.

YateBTS is a technology company that develops RAN and LTE Core Network equipment for MNO and MVNO. The company has the production-line equipment and a line of testing equipment for both RAN and Core networks. YateBTS recently published an article to explain the EPC technology and its wide range of features and benefits.

Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is the Core Network of LTE (Long Term Evolution). The EPC has a “flat” IP architecture that allows the network to handle a great amount of data traffic in an efficient and cost-effective manner using Diameter protocols. The functionality, durability, and ease of use have helped it to gain worldwide acceptance. 

Titled "Evolved Packet Core (EPC)," the article aims to throw more light into what EPC is all about, along with its components, and the solution equipment provided by YateBTS as a company. 

The report also details the network architecture and the nodes that form the EPC architecture. PGW (PDN Gateway), HSS (Home Subscriber Server), PCEF (Policy and Charging Enforcement Function), and SGW (Serving Gateway) are some of the nodes mentioned. 

One section lists the Evolved Packet Core products offered by YateBTS, including YateHSS/HLR as a solution for HSS/HLR and YateUCN (Unified Core Network) for the other nodes.

More information about the EPC products and other solutions offered by YateBTS can be found on their website

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