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New site offers information and deals on gardening

A new site, Yards Today, offers its readers access to information about deals on the best products and services to enhance their gardens.

One recent post on the site highlights Cornerstone Mantels & Fire, which offers deals on indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

"We want to sharing unique and unexpected ideas for hideaways in or around the home. There is nothing better than having a beautiful place to relax and nourish the spirit, whether indoors or out."

Mark Rother, Owner

“If you love an evening bonfire with embers glowing and a relaxing flame lighting the night sky, you need a fireplace or fire pit to contain the flames safely,” the site wrote. “Finding and installing either of these can be a pleasant activity when partnered with the right company.”

Another post looked at art to beautify a garden.

“As the founders of the concept of “solar garden art,” Allsop Home & Garden is known for combining creative materials with solar power for efficient, beautiful and sustainable outdoor lighting,” the site wrote. “Everything they sell is designed with their customers in mind.”

Rother said he wants the site to appeal to as many people as possible, so they, too, can understand what a garden can do.

“Whatever our lifestyle, with imagination and a plan, dreams are possible,” he said. “Getting there can be both inspirational and rewarding. We can all transform and bring more joy to the world around us.”

More information is available at http://yardstoday.com.


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