Yard Dawgs Barking About New Website

Yard Dawgs today released its new website in a bid to improve user experience and establish its brand as the leading provider of lawn care services in Calgary

Yard Dawgs is committed to providing high-quality lawn care services in Calgary. They have serviced over 1,000 homes and commercial properties throughout the city, providing a wealth of services, including weed removal, lawn fertilization, power ranking, overseeding and weed control in Calgary. They pride themselves on their step by step process to guarantee customers get the result they want.       

Yard Dawgs decided that a new website was needed to enhance the user experience, provide more in-depth information to potential customers, as well as promote their name and brand.

The focus of the website was to represent the professionalism and joyful nature that comes with Yard Dawgs. While the color and style of their old site are maintained through its bright tones and depth, the site design and structure were comprehensively changed. 

The site is slicker, more concise in its design, and more interactive, with users being able to take action on the site. It also has a better flow to navigate throughout the site, including finding relevant services and booking online appointments. 

Each yard service features its own page on the site accompanied by an explanation of that service. The new in-depth information will better explain the details of the service to the clients, as well as what to expect from Yard Dawgs

Furthermore, Yard Dawgs' lawn care packages have their own page, detailing each package in greater depth. The packages also have their own section on each page, highlighting the benefits of signing onto a package deal. 

Overall the new website will enhance the user's experience, provide customers with more information on their lawn care services in Calgary, as well as make it easier for them to book an appointment. 

Source: Yard Dawgs

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Yard Dawgs is committed to providing high-quality lawn care services in Calgary. Our mission from the start was to ensure that you get premium lawn care services from technicians who care.

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