Yadox Discusses Main Reasons and Latest Fashion to Wearing Wedges for Summer 2015

Clothing Brand Yadox explains nothing says 'summer's here' quite like the humble wedge heel - a classic, more stable way to add some height, while still keeping bang on trend.

Dressed up or down, they can be worn casually with a pair of jeans for a daytime date, and even jazzed up with a little black dress and some fancy accessories for an evening event, making them one of the most versatile items you could ever have in your closet.

Heels aren’t the most comfortable footwear option, especially in the height of summer when your feet swell up and things get ever so unattractive. Swollen and sweaty feet with super tight stilettos are really not a good look, and your legs won’t thank you for it at the end of a long day.

Be Unique, Be Fashionable, Be Yadox!

Wedges are definitely the most comfortable option when it comes to rocking a bit of height with your summer wardrobe. More of the shoe comes into contact with the floor when you are walking, which means you’ll be doing less of a balancing act. You won’t be so teeter-tottery, and you won’t need anyone’s arm to hold on to.

You can almost go as high as you like with wedges - they will still be one of the most stable heels you could ever wear.

For summer 2015, many of the big shoe designers went with a classic wedge to bring weird and wonderful designs like we’ve never seen before in the shoe industry. From the boho, vintage inspired looks of Dolce & Gabbana (which are out of stock, they are so popular), to the super modern styles as shown by Prada, wedges are the only way to wear heels this season.

These shoes don’t need to be boring either. Once upon a time, wedge styles were limited as to how ‘fancy’ and experimental they could go, but with designers thinking more and more outside the box, the range is getting more impressive.

Just take a look at these Charlotte Olympia beauties - the Fiesta Meredith Fringe Wedge Multi.

The delicate tassels really give the shoe a boho edge that would look amazing with a little black skirt or dress, bringing a real 70’s vibe to the occasion. The celebs are rocking this look too, with George Clooney’s beautiful wife, Amal Clooney, showing you how to rock the fringed-wedge look with a simple pair of boyfriend jeans and a beautiful, light and airy peplum style top. This is a look that you could wear every day in the summer, and when your heels don’t hurt your feet, you’re going to want to!

Wedge heels give you an easier way to wear platform shoes that you once thought out of your depth, as shown by the Jessica Simpson Bethani Cork Platform Wedge which looks very much like the classic, stiletto, sky-high Christian Louboutin beauties everyone is wearing right now, without the trouble of learning to walk in them!

It just makes perfect sense!

So there you have it - that’s why you need to be rocking the wedge heel for Summer 2015. Bang on trend, the comfiest heel you’ll ever wear, and you’ll be following in the footsteps of Amal Clooney, who bagged herself one of the hottest, most eligible bachelors in the world….


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Be Unique, Be Fashionable, Be Yadox.

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