Xtreme Gymnastics Celebrates Accomplishments and Anniversary

Xtreme Gymnastics' Director discussed the company's 20th anniversary. She also highlighted the many benefits of gymnastics, and how they enabled two decades of success for the company and lifetimes of success for children.

“Twenty years in operation is a big deal,” said Aimee, Xtreme Gymnastics’ Director of Operations. “It’s an amazing accomplishment! It proves that we have staying power, and that we have value to offer children. My colleagues and I are incredibly proud of how far we’ve come, and excited to embrace continued success in the future.”

Aimee pointed out that she and the other instructors at Xtreme Gymnastics have worked hard to make the company what it is today. She stated that team training is a central component of their progress. They’re also motivated and inspired by the children they teach on a daily basis. “My team’s work ensures that these students grow up loving gymnastics.”

"I cannot emphasize enough that gymnastics fosters determination and phenomenal work ethic in children,"

Aimee , Director of Operations

Director of Xtreme Gymnastics Elaborates on the Positive Aspects of the Sport

“There are many reasons we’ve been around so long, and why our reputation continues to grow,” Aimee continued. “Gymnastics offers too many benefits to ignore. More and more parents are discovering how well their children develop when they’re enrolled in the programs at Xtreme Gymnastics.”

According to Aimee, the lessons children learn in gymnastics help shape them into bright and confident individuals. Of course, they acquire strength, coordination, flexibility, and athleticism. She pointed out, however, that they also learn independence, and how to be polite and respectful, as well as compassionate with others.

“I cannot emphasize enough that gymnastics fosters determination and phenomenal work ethic in children,” Aimee indicated. “It’s a challenging sport. All the necessary skills must be learned through practice and repetition. Our young gymnasts realize that the harder they work, the faster they progress. This understanding gives them sharp focus, and they persevere.”

The Director also stated that gymnastics helps children overcome fears. The instructors introduce the athletes to new movements and techniques, which are sometimes intimidating. The students receive patient support as they face challenges, and enjoy increased confidence as they overcome those obstacles. The process shows children how to overcome problems and try new things both in and out of the gym.

“We also give our students the ability to perform,” Aimee concluded. “It’s a crucial but often overlooked skill – one they’ll use for the rest of their lives. No matter what people do professionally, or what paths they take in life, they must present to others in some capacity. It’s a common fear, and we help others conquer it. In fact, we look forward to many more decades of doing so!”

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