XTGlobal Consolidates AP and BPO Units Into Circulus Brand

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Since 2006, XTGlobal’s enterprise services have processed over 93 million documents with a total invoice value of over $153 billion, while the SMB solution (previously XTBills) has paid over $90MM in payables on behalf of its quickly growing customer base. While the offerings are nuanced across industries and client size, the underlying methodologies, competencies, and capabilities were found to be quite similar.

“As we looked into the separate lines of business, we realized that there were far more operational similarities than differences, and bringing the units together gives us the opportunity to drive our products and services to the next level,” says VP of Enterprise Sales, Diane Gasparro. 

With executive alignment, the decision was made to ally the divisions, leveraging the strengths of each and re-positioning the company with a singular focus on automation and tech-enabled process outsourcing. Among the many benefits of this consolidation include a shared focus on product development, user experience, and the expansion of current capabilities and technology.

This initiative also reinforces corporate values and standards consistently across the entire organization. “We're excited about expanding our business into new markets and providing a larger audience with our commitment to quality, service, and innovation,” says founder and CEO Rama Mullapudi.

Founded in 1998, XTGlobal has also become a leading provider of IT services, development, and technology resource management. With this shift, the XTGlobal brand will be entirely focused on technology services, providing the focus that Circulus now brings to the accounts payable and process outsourcing markets. 

The re-branded executions will begin to launch on February 20th.

Source: Circulus, LLC.

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