Xspekt's New PPC + Email Combo Package Shows Cross-Platform Integration is a Must for Modern Marketers

Xspekt is offering a new combo package to celebrate their 30+ years of combined experience. Get a 30% discounted quote on their integrated PPC + Email Logic Flow Campaign and start building up your funnel for maximum conversions and sales. Get a proposal at xspekt.com from Sept. 15, 2020, to Sept. 22, 2020, for the chance to take businesses to new heights.

Xspekt's new agency models allows them to build and integrate multiple digital strategies into highly targeted, cross-platform marketing campaigns. As opposed to building disparate campaigns from multiple agencies, Xspekt's new combo package helps boost qualified paid conversions and immediately enters them into a cohesive nurturing email sequence to transform the all valuable conversion into the almighty dollar (aka: actual sales).

In today's multi-platform, multi-device, multi-tasking world, assuming a single digital strategy is enough to generate significant change for your business is a dangerous miscalculation. By strategically combining unique service offerings, Xspekt is in a unique position to create certain package deals that most businesses have to rely on multiple agencies for.

With a little flash of proactiveness, Xspekt is leaping into action to solve this pain point before it even arises. By combining naturally integrated services like Websites + Chatbots, Content Marketing + Technical SEO, Social Media + Search Engine Marketing, or PPC + Email Marketing. We all know how important cross-platform marketing is in today's digitally saturated world. But few can actually back it up when it comes to cross-platform marketing solutions.

Now, one of these special packages is available for a steal if you Get A Free Proposal in the next 7 days. This offer is only valid from Sept. 15, 2020, to Sept. 22, 2020​, so don't miss out on:

Free PPC audit

Free email template design

15% Off both PPC management and email logic flow with copy (8-10 emails)

With PPC and email representing two of the highest converting and highest ROI digital marketing channels, integrating the two allows businesses to engage their ideal audience at nearly every stage of the marketing and sales cycle. And with performance like "2000% conversion increase in under three months" for PPC campaigns and "250% increase in click rates" for email, Xspekt surely does seem to "walk the walk" when it comes to cross-platform marketing and integration.

Take the next step for a brand's marketing and start growing a holistic digital presence that will make the business' name (and your cash registers) echo. Start building a digital presence that will make the brand ubiquitous with the very product/service you're selling. Build your dream funnel today at https://www.xspekt.com.


Jess Eisenhart, Chief Operating Officer

Source: Xspekt