XpoNet Announces Company-Wide Rebranding

Name change extends the Xpodigital brand across all service offerings, including Managed Network Services, Event Managed Network Services and Managed Digital Signage Services


XpoNet Corporation today announced the launch of its rebranding initiative to consolidate all of its managed services under the Xpodigital brand. Formerly, the company provided its Managed Network Services and Managed Event Network Services under the XpoNet brand while delivering its Managed Digital Signage Services under the Xpodigital brand. By consolidating these services under a single brand, the company can more easily provide its entire suite of managed technology services to a growing range of customers that want to leverage all of those offerings. 

"Our vision as the new Xpodigital remains the same, to provide amazingly innovative solutions for businesses to expand customer engagement and communications, anywhere," said Gabe Gilligan, President of XpoNet. "We are now simply merging two incredible brands into one in an effort to help our customers tap into our ever-expanding knowledge and expertise within multiple verticals and services. Whether you've worked with us for 20 years or just joined forces with us today, we are proud to partner with such a diverse and inspiring group of clients."

Xpodigital services are used by hundreds of businesses and agencies in hospitality, IT, leisure and government to dramatically improve internal and external communications capabilities. Xpodigital addresses the core of communications, both at the network and end-user levels, to ensure effective audience engagement and customer success.

About XpoNet Corporation dba Xpodigital

Xpodigital provides businesses and government agencies an array of managed custom communications technology solutions. Xpodigital Managed Network Services provide resilient, secure communications networks for critical permanent and temporary applications; Xpodigital Event Managed Network Services provides critical network support for in-person as well as remote or hybrid events with its HelloHybridSM services; and Xpodigital Managed Digital Signage Services provide cutting-edge visual technology solutions, including LED walls, menu boards touchscreens, and non-touch interactive screens, with custom agency design services and content management delivered through its proprietary and robust cloud-based CMS system. Xpodigital is a privately held company based in Orlando, FL. For more information, visit https://www.xpodigital.com.

Source: XpoNet Corporation dba Xpodigital