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Xperii is looking for people interested in helping advance scientific research in New England through paid opportunities.


​Xperii is a software platform that reduces the inefficiency in subject recruitment by linking people with the research studies they are interested in through an automatic, streamlined process. Founded by a Brown University student and an MIT neuroscientist, Xperii’s subject recruitment platform was conceptualized out of a personal need in recruiting subjects for cognitive neuroscience studies at MIT. Since its inception, Xperii has interviewed many customers from various fields and has expanded the design to go beyond subject recruitment and operate as a central cloud-based research SaaS platform. The entire platform automatically handles many of the other bottlenecks in human research including detailed pre-study subject screening, subject scheduling, subject payment, subject assessment on a number of standardized tests, follow-up data collection and subject monitoring, and secure data storage and analytics. Xperii serves researchers working in academia, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, focus groups, and product testing, and removes many of the tightest bottlenecks in the research process. Xperii strives every day to make research more efficient and more effective, so that customers are able to accelerate research work and develop tomorrow’s advancements today.

With an upcoming launch later this spring, Xperii is searching for individuals wishing to participate in a variety of studies that will soon be available on its website, with mobile apps to follow. Typical studies can offer compensation of gifts cards, cash, and have the ability to be paid hourly and flat rates. Tasks performed during studies may include playing video games, completing online surveys, and providing responses to researcher questions.

Gone are the days of pulling off tabs from paper flyers posted on college campuses and manually having to find research opportunities to participate in – Xperii makes it easy.

Xperii is looking for people in Massachusetts and Rhode Island to start, and will be offering a unique referral system to reward users for bringing friends to the platform. To sign up for alerts when Xperii launches its beta in New England, visit the site at to register with a name and e-mail.

Signing up is quick online, the SaaS startup will let users know as soon as Xperii launches its service, with mobile apps to follow.

Connect with Xperii:

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About Xperii

Xperii is a SaaS platform for researchers, offering tools to promote faster breakthroughs and is currently developing a subject-recruitment service to connect researchers with participants.