Xooa Opens the Metaverse to Brands With New Tools for Digital Experience Builders

Xooa, white-label NFT platform for brands, announces metaverse experiences for builders to accelerate adoption of the metaverse and web3 by brands, media and entertainment companies.

The Associated Press Photojournalism Marketplace VR Gallery

Xooa, white-label NFT platform for brands, announces metaverse experiences for builders to accelerate adoption of the metaverse and web3 by brands, media and entertainment companies. Mini Experiences built on the Xooa platform include VR watch parties, VR art galleries, and NFT drop experiences in unique environments. The VR gallery exhibits award-winning photojournalism minted as NFTs and is available online today at apmarket.xooa.com/p/vr-gallery. It may be experienced using smart phones, tablets, most web browsers, and VR headsets for full immersion. 

"The biggest issue with the metaverse today is that it is fragmented into numerous walled garden implementations, with experiences, items, avatars, etc. not portable from one implementation to another," said Zach Danker Feldman, head of marketplaces at Xooa.

Xooa takes a completely different approach to the metaverse by putting brands and creators in the driver's seat, enabling them to launch what we call "mini experiences" to their existing communities on their own website or app, instead of sending fans to third-party implementations to experience the metaverse. The brand then decides the level of openness their experience will have. 

Brands themselves can decide whether experience participants will be allowed to bring to the experience any web3 NFT they own, only the brand's own NFTs, or NFTs from select collections. "The degree of openness depends on the experience," added Danker-Feldman. "An in-game weapon doesn't make sense in an art gallery. The experience creator will make these decisions and our technology provides this flexibility."

Brands who are web3 shy will be able to use these same frameworks for web2 NFTs as well. Xooa's other products - NFT Origination and White-Label Marketplace - already support both decentralized (web3) and centralized (web2) collections. No matter their choice, Xooa takes care of US legal and compliance aspects of these peer-to-peer marketplaces. Xooa's customer The Broadway Exchange is building experiences for theater fans on the platform.

The Xooa frameworks released today support WebXR and WebGL for on-platform mini experiences supporting web browsers and VR headsets (such as the Oculus from Meta and the rumored Mixed Reality headset from Apple, as well full metaverse implementations built on Unity gaming engine. 

The Xooa solution allows web2 users to participate as if they are web3 users by providing a cloud-based NFT wallet in addition to web3 wallet capabilities. This feature, in addition to many others offered by Xooa, enables brands to build NFT use cases that appeal to both web2 and web3 audiences.

About Xooa

Xooa empowers brands and IP holders, such as Sony, the Associated Press, Lush to enter web3 and metaverse with NFT origination (mint), white label NFT marketplace, and digital experience at scale. With Xooa side-by-side marketplace offering, these entities can bridge the gaps that open marketplaces have through utilizing marketplaces like OpenSea for liquidity, and Xooa for branding, utility, and differentiation. This creates a richer experience that is comprehensive and appeals to both web2 and web3 audiences alike.

Since its founding in 2017 in Denver by Jonathan Garini, Xooa's mission has been to reduce barriers to blockchain adoption by abstracting away its complexities. To learn more about the company, visit xooa.com.


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