XonaSoftware Updates Automation Software With Stunning Animated Workflows

XonaSoftware, Inc., a leader in automation software, today released Situate 1.8.0 and introduces new stunning animated workflow views.

XonaSoftware, Inc., a leader in automation software, today released Situate 1.8.0 and introduces new stunning animated workflow views, RESTful api, self-documenting annotations and more.

“IT staffs already are aware of the need to make repetitive tasks as automatic as possible. Situate 1.8.0 makes creating automation a breeze.”, says Mike Mazzolini, CEO of XonaSoftware.

Animated Self-Documenting Workflows

With the new real-time workflow views, Situate's self-documenting workflows will both visually describe a workflow process, and give users the ability to watch the workflow execute with full animation. "The animated self-documenting feature is a big step forward in helping customers work more efficiently and effectively.", said Dave Carnal, XonaSoftware's CTO.

Other features in Situate 1.8.0 include: A RESTful api allowing customers to easily interface with Situate using well-known web services; Workflow groups to logically arrange automation routines; A completely revamped UI making for a cleaner and more functional user interface; Annotations for enhancing the workflow "documentation" quality.

Situate existing features already include centralized management to allow one simple view of all your automated operations; Managed file transfer; Auditing and logging capabilities; Powerful workflow engine to manage the execution and orchestration of any IT or business support process; Variety of triggers to help initiate workflows based on time events, file events, and other workflows; Secure connection with SSL; and easy installation to get it all running without problems.


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XonaSoftware, Inc. (www.xonasoftware.com) - The IT Automation software experts and makers of a simple, effective and affordable IT automation solution to automate virtually any business-critical process.

Volume, complexity, and weak documentation make repetitive processes prone to human error. This equates to time, money and risk. Situate™ is a cross-platform solution that can safely and securely automate all critical tasks across computers in your data center, the cloud and legacy environments. Situate turns those time consuming, error prone and costly operational processes into reusable automation routines. Operations become more efficient, cost is reduced and errors are eliminated.

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