XenData Announces the CX-10 Plus, a Cloud Archive Appliance With Local Backup to LTO

XenData, the provider of highly scalable cutting-edge data storage solutions, announces the CX-10 Plus, a cloud archive appliance with local backup to LTO data tape. The appliance connects to a local network and provides a fast gateway to unlimited cloud object storage. Content written to the cloud is mirrored to LTO data cartridges, creating a local backup copy for greatly enhanced data protection. This saves money as it is an alternative to paying for geo-replication from the cloud provider. And if there is a need to move to a different cloud provider, files can be restored from the LTO backup, avoiding expensive egress fees.

The Appliance is optimized for media archives allowing users to play video files directly from the cloud. Furthermore, it has proven integration with many complementary media applications, including Media Asset Management systems. It provides a fast connection to cloud object storage by using multi-threaded archive and restore operations, even when transferring a single large video file. 

The CX-10 Plus supports multiple clouds, including Amazon Web Services S3, Azure blob storage, Wasabi S3 and Seagate Lyve object storage. It supports multiple cloud storage tiers, including AWS Glacier Flexible Retrieval and Deep Glacier and Azure Hot, Cool and Archive tiers.

Content written to the cloud is mirrored to LTO data cartridges, creating a local backup copy. The Appliance manages up to two external LTO drives or an LTO autoloader and it includes a 14 TB disk cache which is used to implement the LTO backup, as follows:

  • All archived files are first written to the CX-10 Plus internal 14 TB disk cache, from where they are immediately uploaded to the designated cloud storage.
  • The archived files are retained on the cache for a defined retention period, typically a day.
  • Every few hours, the files are synchronized to LTO, creating a mirror copy of the file-folder structure that has been archived to the cloud.

Dr. Phil Storey, XenData CEO, commented, "The CX-10 Plus has two key benefits. Creating a local synchronized copy of every file written to the cloud gives peace of mind. And the Appliance easily pays for itself by minimizing cloud storage fees." 

The CX-10 Plus will be available in September 2022.  Prices start at $11,950, excluding the managed LTO drive or autoloader.

About XenData

XenData is a global provider of professional data storage solutions optimized for video and other applications with high volumes of large files. It offers cutting-edge hybrid cloud solutions and highly scalable on-premises active archive systems. XenData has customers in over 90 countries, including government organizations, global media companies and other large corporations. For more information, visit: www.xendata.com


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