X-Ray Pad, a Hong Kong-Based Manufacturer, Launched Custom-Designed Gaming Mouse Pads for Video Game Addicts

X-Ray Pad, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer, rolled out a series of cool gaming mouse pads.

X-Ray Pad

X-Ray Pad, a Hong Kong-based PC accessories manufacturer having its forte in manufacturing mouse pads, playmats, gaming bags and keyboard bags, and also offering phone cases, banners, yoga mats and business cards, recently launched their latest collection of cool and voguish gaming mouse pads for its patrons worldwide. The manufacturers maintained that all the products can be custom-designed to meet the precise needs of the users and company logos can be integrated into the design of the mouse pads.

According to Michael Lau from X-Ray Pad, high-quality PC peripherals, including personalized mouse pads, are now available in virtually any size and quantity and any kind of artwork can be imprinted on the mouse pads and other accessories that they have in store. He added that customers who have specific needs will have to provide the artwork to the X-Ray Pad design team so they can create a personalized and unique motif.

“These motifs, especially when they come with brand logos and taglines, boost sales and create brand awareness. Customers can also choose from our solid color pre-selected templates. Designs can be uploaded online. Personalized mouse pads are great for gaming conventions, product rollouts, competitions, marketing campaigns and even can be used as employee gifts,” said Lau.

Founded in 2003, X-Ray Pad has developed a worldwide reputation as the industry leader in computer accessories manufacturing. According to the sales official, their product delivery unit ensures that all the products arrive at customers’ doorsteps in two weeks or less and added that items can be shipped anywhere in the world.

The custom mouse pads rolled out by X-Ray Pad are of gaming mat quality and are available in seven sizes, ranging from 300 x 250 mm or 11.8 x 9.8 inches to 700 x 400 mm or 27.5 x 15.7 inches. All pads are 3 mm or 0.12 inches thick, featuring a fine fabric surface at the top and a non-slip soft rubber base. The pads, which are made with Rohs and Reach certified eco-friendly materials, come with a one-year warranty.

“Although we have launched a new series of mouse pads, our customers’ favorite custom lighting mouse pads are not going off the shelf. For people looking for something with a little more pizzazz, we recommend the X-Ray Pad custom lighting mouse pads that are already a rage among serious gamers. These pads feature LED lighting in seven different colors along with a professional Thunder8 gaming surface and a non-slip base. It’s actually fit for users of all age groups. Also, we will continue to produce gaming playmats. Users can dress up their gaming tables with these colorful gaming playmats, available in custom sizes. The fabric surface has high-quality edge-stitching, which ensures longevity. The non-slip rubber bottom grips the table firmly and the steady surface ensures that dice will not bounce excessively, reducing noise. We are also offering a free gift with every order, as a cherry on the top,” said Lau.

About the Company

X-Ray Pad is a manufacturer and wholesaler of custom-designed PC peripherals.

To know more about X-Ray products or the company, visit https://shop.x-raypad.com

Contact: info@x-raypad.com

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