X-Data Migrates E-Commerce Solution From Desktop to Web Using Wisej.NET

X-Data Migrates 20-Year-Old E-Commerce Solution from Desktop to the Web using Wisej.NET in 9 months.

PiperWMS on Wisej.NET

Milan-based X-Data Sas, a warehouse and logistics consulting company, has migrated their 20-year-old Visual Basic 6 desktop application, PiperWMS, to Ice Tea Group's Wisej.NET enterprise web framework. PiperWMS helps X-Data's customers, including Xerox, the Italian Post, and FastWeb, ship over two million packages each year. 

The X-Data team compared other web technologies for the migration, like Blazor and Angular, but ultimately decided that the effort required to rewrite would not be realistic. The new web application integrates graphics, voice search, calendars, and tour panels using open-source Wisej.NET extensions.

Using Wisej.NET as the basis for development freed X-Data developers from the hassle of working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when bringing PiperWMS to the web. Wisej.NET's extensive control suite and flat learning curve for traditional desktop developers (WinForms, WPF, MFC, VB6, FoxPro, and others) helped X-Data modernize their complex system to become a cross-platform web application in a matter of months.

For more information, visit https://wisej.com/case-studies/xdata/.

Press Contact: Levie Rufenacht

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