WyoTech Implements the Ford Ace Program Through Partnership With Larry H. Miller Dealerships

WyoTech, one of the nations leading technical training institutes, announces partnership with Larry H. Miller Dealerships in bringing Ford's Automotive Career Exploration Program (ACE) to its Laramie, Wyoming, campus.

WyoTech and Ford Lincoln Partner in ACE Program

WyoTech is proud to announce a partnership with Larry H. Miller Dealerships in bringing Ford's Automotive Career Exploration Program (ACE) to its Laramie, Wyoming, campus. The intent of the program is to raise awareness and increase interest in career opportunities within the automotive industry.

"The introduction of the Ford ACE program will add manufacturer information into our lessons, the repair processes and diagnostic procedures that are taught every day in our shops at WyoTech," says Shawn Nunley, WyoTech Director of Training. "This will allow us to develop shop performance evaluations that give us the ability to further test the student's aptitude in different subject areas."

Ford Automotive Career Exploration is a partnership program between Ford Motor Company, Larry H. Miller Dealerships, and WyoTech. Students attending WyoTech and participating in this program will obtain valuable knowledge of Ford/Lincoln vehicle systems by completing Web-Based Training (WBT) via the Ford Learning Management System (LMS). Mirroring the same courses offered in the field, the students are one step closer towards a career in the automotive industry, beginning as an entry-level technician at a Ford/Lincoln dealership.

Larry H. Miller Dealerships is a strong supporter of WyoTech: "We know the importance of training the next generation of Ford technicians," said Ken King, Corporate Recruiter for Larry H. Miller Dealerships. "We're proud to partner with WyoTech and Ford, and play an active role in rolling out the Ford ACE program in Laramie."

With the addition of the (ACE) program, students will work on Ford's new vehicle models. Students will train through Ford's inspection process and its proprietary technology for electrical, suspension and brake systems. WyoTech students will have access to all of Ford's learning courses, the credits earned in this process can be used for later certifications to advance their career within Ford Motor Company.

WyoTech was founded in Laramie, Wyoming, in 1966 with the goal to provide top-notch, concentrated training programs that prepare students for the growing demand for technicians in the automotive and diesel industry. WyoTech provides one of the best hands-on experiences with its nine-month training programs.

 "WyoTech students are in the shop, hands-on, working on vehicles 60% of the time, gaining real-life experience and knowledge on automotive repairs," said Mark Muhsman, WyoTech Core Program Coordinator." By completing the Ford ACE program, students will have an advantage in their career with one of our nation's leading employers, Ford Motor Company.

WyoTech differs from other schools in the way its curriculum is designed, and delivered, and developing the "whole" technician. Attending class and shop for eight hours a day, the training focuses on developing "soft skills," like customer service, professional demeanor and appearance, and a heavy focus on attendance. Many employers have provided feedback that these requirements lead to a well-rounded graduate who acclimates well to the workplace.

For more information on WyoTech, please call us at our campus number of 1-800-521-7158 or visit us at WyoTech.edu

Source: WyoTech