WUBEN Unveils the WUBEN E1: The Ultimate EDC Phone Flashlight

300 Lumens | Magsafe Compatible | 3-Color Temperature | Stepless Dimming


WUBEN, a leader in innovative portable lighting solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough product: the WUBEN E1. Designed to revolutionize everyday carry essentials, the WUBEN E1 sets a new standard for portable lighting with its unparalleled slimness, powerful illumination, and versatile functionality.

Slim, Stylish, Essential

The WUBEN E1 is meticulously crafted to be the thinnest and most lightweight flashlight for your everyday carry needs. Its sleek design and impressive luminosity make it both a practical tool and a stylish accessory, elevating your EDC setup to new heights.

Illuminate Your Path: Pocket-Sized Brilliance

The WUBEN E1 provides powerful 300 lumens of brightness, five times that of a standard phone flashlight. Whether you're handling daily tasks or facing emergencies, it ensures you're never left in the dark. With its slim 6mm thickness, it redefines flashlight portability, easily slipping into a pocket or bag for reliable illumination on the go.

Professional-Grade Attachments

Equipped with N54 magnets and MagSafe compatibility, the WUBEN E1 offers enhanced attachment stability and durability. Say goodbye to shaky connections and hello to a seamless user experience that's built to last.

Unleash Your Creativity

The versatile 3-color fill light transforms your smartphone into a powerful photography tool, allowing you to capture stunning images and videos in any lighting condition.

Elevate Your Phone Experience

The WUBEN E1 is more than a flashlight - it's also a versatile phone stand. Easily switch between landscape and portrait modes with its ultra-thin 6mm design, providing reliable phone support anywhere.

The WUBEN E1 is available for order now at: 


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WUBEN is a leading provider of innovative portable lighting solutions dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, performance, and reliability. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, WUBEN continues to redefine the standards of portable illumination for adventurers, professionals, and everyday users alike.

For more information about the WUBEN E1, contact funding@wubenlight.com

Source: WUBEN


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