WrkSpot Expands Team, Welcomes Coach Anita Kanti to Help With Hotel Operations

Kanti will provide valuable coaching to employees at all levels.

WrkSpot, the revolutionary software suite designed to optimize hotel portfolio management, is pleased to announce the hiring of Coach Anita Kanti as coach and manager of employee experience for its hotel operations to support employee experience internally and externally.

"I'm excited to join WrkSpot, provide leadership support and offer perspectives on overcoming obstacles and increasing hotel productivity," Kanti said. "As a certified life coach and having worked in the corporate sector for many years, I love to mentor executives and employees in techniques for leadership growth, and individual talent development."

Kanti is a graduate of USC in marketing and was named one of five relationship coaches to follow in 2022 by The American Reporter. She is also the co-author of "Behaving Bravely: How to Mindshift Life's Challenges."

"As lions, we must align, claim our purpose, and move forward with optimism as we navigate uncharted territory," Kanti said. "A lion persona heightens your level of courage, strength, and leadership through BRAVE steps."

Kanti refers to BRAVE steps as:

·         Belief: What beliefs are impairing you from moving forward?

·         Readiness: Going within yourself and preparing for your process.

·         Alignment: Positioning yourself from the past to the present.

·         Vision: Stepping into the future with self-promoting thoughts.

·         Engagement: Calming your mind and internal dialogue.

Kanti has been featured on L.A.'s Fox 11 News, NBC's The Doctors, and Hallmark's Home & Family, podcasts and radio stations programs, and publications such as West Coast Magazine, Los Angeles Wire, Valiant CEO, The Business Journals, HuffPost, Yahoo Finance, and New York Post.

"A business coach helps leaders to see their potential and leverage their talents," Kanti said. "It makes a difference having someone to guide and motivate you while holding them accountable."

According to the Harvard Business Review, 72% of CEOs who received coaching noted more self-awareness and communication skills. Executive coaching from people like Kanti helps CEOs find their strengths and weaknesses and their relationships with other leaders, employees, and customers.

"Anita will help reshape the culture in our organization," Founder & CEO Raja Epsilon said. "I see the value of offering to coach our clients and providing the best service in hotel labor management."  

About WrkSpot

Founded in 2017, WrkSpot is the developer of a revolutionary software suite for hotel portfolio management that integrates HRIS, operations management, and communication in a single app. By managing and engaging staff, controlling costs, and streamlining operations, and improving compliance and safety, WrkSpot allows hotel managers to avoid being bogged down by the unavoidable details of hotel operations.

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Source: WrkSpot