Writing Short is Hard Launches New Text Analysis Tool for Academics

The tool was created to widen the definition of "good writing", helping writers become strategic and intentional

Writing well is hard

Writing Short is Hard - the consulting company that provides writing and editing support to academics and creatives - is excited to announce the launch of writingwellishard.com, a new text analysis tool that allows writers to evaluate their work in comparison with the writing style they are trying to emulate. 

Designed specifically with academics in mind, writingwellishard.com was created on the belief that there isn't a single definition of "good" academic writing; instead, it helps writers write in alignment with the style of the best writers in their field.  

Existing digital writing assistants, such as Grammarly, are helpful when it comes to checking grammar and syntax; however, they only serve to "fix" writing and reinforce existing norms.  

In contrast, writingwellishard.com allows users to compare their work to a sample from a text they consider well-written. The tool then compares the two pieces, calculating the density of linguistic features such as the passive voice, and provides an analysis that helps the user align their writing to the sample's style. 

The development of the tool was driven by Writing Short is Hard owner Letitia Henville, an award-winning editor with a Ph.D. in English Literature. With the support of a small team, she has been building writingwellishard.com since the start of 2022. 

"I'm not persuaded there's only one way to write well, and I don't like that the models of 'good' writing are too often white, cis, male, and dead," commented Henville. "I want academics to be able to edit their own work strategically and with intentionality, modelling their work on whatever writer or writing they decide is best." 

About Writing Short is Hard Consulting Company 

Writing Short is Hard provides editing services to academics and artists, with a focus on journal articles, grant applications, and tenure and promotion dossiers.  

Their vision is for a university system and civil society in which high-quality artistic and scholarly work is valued, accessible, broadly shared, and appropriately measured and compensated. 

To learn more about writingwellishard.com, or to try the tool, click here

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We provide writing and editing support to academics and artists, with a focus on journal articles, grant applications, and tenure and promotion dossiers. We also sell resources and training to academics, artists, editors, and consultants.

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