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​​Probably, almost every student in the world at least once in his/her life faced a problem of article review writing. By giving this kind of assignment professors want students to acquaint with the works of other experts in a particular field (it can be Literature, Architecture, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Music or any other subject), and, in addition, it is a good way to check the students’ knowledge of the subject. At first sight, the assignment seems to be rather easy as you just need to read the article and write about its content. However, it may turn to be a rather complicated task to complete. The easiest thing here is to read the given article, and then usually goes a brain freeze.  On one hand, after reading, the article may seem rather clear and understandable, but it creates an additional problem of not knowing what to add, and a student may not know how to further analyze it. On the other hand, the article may not be understandable at all, and this worsens the whole situation.

During the long period of existence, Pro-Papers.com completed a lot of such assignments, and considering our experience in review writing, we want to give you some pieces of advice on how to write one of the best article reviews.

First of all, let’s define what exactly the article review is. Review article is an attempt of the article review writer to summarize and evaluate the information of the research on a particular topic. This kind of paper represents the material that was published long before, so there are no new facts or further analysis. Often, review articles can be called survey articles or overview articles. But you should not confuse article review with peer-reviewed literature, as these are quite different things.

Peer-review articles are submitted and afterwards they are thoroughly assessed by the experts with an area of expertise that matches the subject of the article (this is why an article is called “peer-reviewed”). Peer-reviewed articles are published only if they have passed through an official editorial process.

Article reviews are considered scholarly articles and are written by experts and for experts. These reviews are published mostly by professional associations or an academic press.

Review articles can be a really important source of information for students, as they contain information that is needed for deep studying of a certain subject. Writing this kind of paper will help you determine the following:

  • who are the main experts in this field?
  • what are recent discoveries?
  • what are the gaps in knowledge in this field?
  • what is the current state of research?
  • how will this research be developed in future?

So, as you can see, review article is some kind of a gold mine for students. That would be wrong to think that review articles are written by students and for students. Review articles are also valuable for experts who focus on specific research areas, for novice researches and decision makers.

One of important steps of a writing process is to understand how to organize your review. You need to understand how your review will be set up. That will help you to write a good article review. One of the effective ways of review organization is the following:

  • summary of the article, its important points, and information;
  • positive and negative aspects;
  • unanswered questions, gaps and contradictions;
  • critique of the article.

In order to understand better how to write an article review, let’s look at the process in details.

In your introduction you can write about your impression about the article, and introduction will be a beginning of your critique. In your article, you must follow formal academic writing style, and it means that you will use third person and refrain from using the first person.

The most important part here is your critique. The critique is not your attitude towards the article, whether it is good or bad, whether you like it or not. The point is in the evaluation of the information, whether this information is significant. Does the author bring forward the arguments that can be considered as reasonable?  Does the author employ a specific theory or paradigm? What exactly you don’t understand in this article and why? That can be because of lack of knowledge or vocabulary, or the author is just unclear? Don’t forget to support your critique with evidence from the article, or you may use evidence and quotations from the other sources. Try to relate the findings in the original article to other findings in the field. Doing this way you will demonstrate knowledge of the field. The more evidence you use to back up your evaluations in the article, the better.

When you are evaluating the article, you need to use terms of evaluation that are both specific to the discipline and its concerns, and objective. The use of general terms distracts from the reasonableness of the student’s evaluation. The use of modal words and technical vocabulary is very important as it supports the author’s position by making the paper look more professional.

The requirements for article reviews in Canada, Australia, Ireland and UK are the same. Your article review should contain title and abstract page, introduction, summary and evaluation of the article or, in other words, critique. Mostly, the article reviews have to follow APA or MLA format: must have one inch margins, Times New Roman font, be double spaced, proper headings and style, must include in-text citations, and reference page. In some cases the requirements can be changed by your professor, editor, or by publishing house. But usually, if there are any, they are not significant.

So, as you can see, when working on the article reviews, you have to take many details into close consideration. But every paper writing, whether it is article review, peer-review, scientific review or any other kind of review, will be very easy to complete if you are working with Pro-Papers.com. Our company has a great team of professional writers from the US, the UK, Australia and Canada, and our writers are ready to work on your paper 24/7. If you want to have a unique and plagiarism-free paper of the highest quality, then you definitely should choose Pro-Papers.com.


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