Wright Energy Storage Technologies Announces Its Formation

The company will focus on advanced energy storage systems and power optimization products

Wright Energy Storage Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce its formation in the State of New York and is looking forward to rolling out its product line of non-chemical, hybrid-capacitor, energy storage systems shortly. When compared to lithium ion and lead acid, these systems can be charged and discharged up to ten times faster, last many times longer, withstand heat and cold, and do not experience thermal runaway. They are fully automatic, requiring no user intervention, and can be monitored from the cloud or through Bluetooth. Applications include small and medium residential and commercial solar+storage systems, backup power for telecom sites, backup for electric utility systems in the distribution network, marine and automotive cranking and deep discharge applications, and diesel replacement systems. Wright believes that an energy storage product that is rugged, safe, long-lasting, capable of surviving in harsh environments, and importantly, well supported by the company, will be well received in the marketplace. The company will be leasing and selling these systems around the globe through its network of distributors.

Chip Seibert, CEO, noted, "Energy storage is the key ingredient of the global rollout of next-generation energy infrastructure. The next two decades will be an exciting time for the energy industry as we shift away from fossil fuel-based solutions and begin the inevitable march toward a cleaner, more distributed, electric infrastructure. We believe this shift will result in a synchronized, global economic boom as these systems roll out. There are so many exciting technologies out there now that have advanced to the point where they are now economically attractive and scalable. The next era for energy will be all about implementation—those who build and support a quality product will not be able to keep up with demand. We at Wright Technologies are very excited to be a part of this new paradigm."

Chip Seibert has spent his career working from New York City as a financial strategist, and expert in technology, renewable energy, and energy storage. His current efforts focus on improving global energy infrastructure and optimizing energy usage using cutting edge technologies.

Wright Energy Storage Technologies was co-founded by Chip in 2021 and will serve as the global platform for the company's energy storage and power optimization products. For more information, please contact the company at Info@WrightEnergyStorage.com

Source: Wright Energy Storage Technologies

About Wright Energy Storage Technologies

Wright Technologies produces high-power, hybrid-supercapacitor energy storage systems and power optimization products for the commercial, consumer, and humanitarian markets.

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