World's Most Accessible Learning Tool Supports >90% Learner Satisfaction in Compliance Training

By delivering actionable, bite-sized learning moments in apps learners use, like MS Teams, Slack, SMS, or WhatsApp, Arist supports compliance training corporate learners actually love and apply.

>90% learner satisfaction in compliance training

Arist, an innovator in bite-sized learning experiences and verified 1:1 communications, is revolutionizing the compliance training landscape.

In partnership with one of the nation's leading law firms, Arist has released a new suite of features and courses that will enable any organization to seamlessly deliver compliance training via messaging tools people already use: SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, and MS Teams.

With built-in automations, intelligent nudges, and full audit logs, our platform ensures learners stay engaged, eliminating the need for managers, learning teams, or legal teams to chase down their team members to meet compliance deadlines. Built on leading behavior change and AI research from Harvard, Stanford, and OpenAI, Arist's platform drives 100% compliance adoption faster and easier than ever before.

Arist is also the first platform offering a compliance training functionality tied to actual behavior change outcomes. According to UW research, Arist messaging-based courses have been tied to performance increases of >15% per learner in minutes a day (and at scale).

"Traditional compliance training is too long, not actionable enough, and disruptive to actually getting work done," notes Arist CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Ioffe. "By injecting support for the right actions, at the right place, at the right time, we're showing compliance can actually support behavior change in as little as a text a day."

Data from learning moments in messaging apps we all use can be piped back to systems of record such as your HRIS or LMS, streamlining compliance-related administrative tasks and facilitating data-driven decisions.

How teams save 82% on compliance training

By speeding up course creation, lowering the time it takes to participate in learning moments, and reducing switching costs, Arist saves learning teams an average of 82%.

Learning and legal teams can jump into efficient compliance course set up with three separate routes to create courses: designing courses from scratch, lightly customizing pre-built template courses, or utilizing our AI course builder Sidekick to populate a course draft. With course content and delivery compliant in all 50 states, implementation has never been easier.

Pre-built template courses that can be used out of the box include:

  • Harrassment prevention (global)
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Insider Trading Prevention
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Ethics and Code of Conduct
  • Workplace Violence
  • OSHA Awareness
  • HIPAA Awareness
  • GDPR and CCPA Awareness
  • Food Handler's Safety Training

About Arist

Arist began as a way to deliver learning reliably within warzones. Today, Arist provides an enterprise platform used by 10% of the Fortune 500 for creating, delivering, and measuring bite-size courses and comms in the flow of tools like Slack, SMS, and Teams. At last — the right learning, delivered at the right place, and at the right time.

Source: Arist

About Arist

Arist helps organizations create, deliver, and analyze bite-sized learning in messaging apps learners check every 6 minutes: SMS, Email, WhatsApp, MS Teams, and Slack. Meet 100% adoption, >90% satisfaction, and >15% performance lift in <10m a day.

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