World's Largest Real Estate Portal Network, ListGlobally, Partners With New Home Source

In the First Partnership of its Kind, International Buyers Now Can Connect with Home Builders

ListGlobally, the global leader in international residential property marketing, announced its partnership with BDX,  the company behind New Home Source, the world’s largest database of new home properties. The partnership will provide approximately 100,000 new home listings to a global audience of over 216 million consumers across 60 countries through ListGlobally’s extensive network of property portals.

ListGlobally syndicates property listings across 120 leading real estate sites worldwide. Listings are automatically translated into 16 languages and published on top-ranking real estate websites for each region, maximizing the visibility of listings among the world’s most affluent buyers.

“Many U.S. markets are experiencing low residential real estate inventory, yet we continue to see increased demand for U.S. properties among international buyers,” said Byron Burley, president of ListGlobally North America and Oceania. “Our partnership with New Home Source will connect international buyers directly to home builders, granting them access to the highest-quality new and soon-to-be constructed homes across the U.S.”

New Home Source works with the largest U.S. new home builders in the industry, including Lennar, Toll Brothers, Beazer Homes, and more to help advertise and drive consumer attention to over 12,000 new home communities, neighborhoods where several new homes are being developed at once. These new home listings comprise single-family homes and townhome properties.

ListGlobally’s international clients depend on online resources to make homebuying decisions and are particularly interested in new homes due to pre-determined prices and high-quality imagery. Connecting directly with the builder provides the benefit of working with an in-house representative who knows the ins and outs of not only the community and local amenities but also the home builders’ projects, previous successes, and plans for future nearby development. This allows potential buyers to get the most accurate information about the homes and the communities in which they reside that will prove invaluable for those who may be unable to visit the properties in-person prior to investing.

“Sales of new single-family homes are on the rise, up 12.8% since July 2017,” said Peter Brumme, general manager for BDX, the parent company of New Home Source. “In the age of personalization, consumers are increasingly attracted to new homes vs. existing homes. Our partnership with ListGlobally will be a win for new home builders across the U.S., giving them access to a relatively untapped global market with growing potential.”

Following years of successfully marketing property listings to a diverse pool of global consumers via their preferred property portals and in their native languages, ListGlobally is leading the charge in the next evolution in residential real estate. The partnership with New Home Source is the first of its kind and will connect international buyers directly to domestic homebuilders. This will expedite the home buying process, adding a level of customer service that will make purchasing a new home in the U.S. easier and more attractive than ever for international buyers.


About ListGlobally:

ListGlobally is the global leader in international property marketing, syndicating property listings across 120 leading portals in more than 60 countries, reaching an audience of over 216 million consumers. A Switzerland-based company, ListGlobally has been helping connect real estate professionals with international buyers as a trusted partner since 2012. ListGlobally ensures consumers are reached on their preferred platforms and, offering translation services in 16 languages, in their native language. For more information, visit

About BDX and New Home Source:

For more than 18 years, Builders Digital Experience (BDX) has been a leading provider of digital marketing and sales solutions for the home building industry. The company’s flagship product is new home listing site With over 2,000,000 visitors a month and over 12,000 new home communities listed on the site, New Home Source is the leading resource for new home information. 

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