​​​​World's First USB Type-C Linear Power for Computer Audio - MusicLinear, Innovative Audiophile Product Enabled by Industry Collaborations

MusicLinearTM Computer Audio setup

​MusicLinearTM, the world's first USB Type-C linear power supply for computer audio source (CAS), was introduced today by BravoLinear Tech Ltd. for hi-fi music lovers and computer gadget fans on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. (*)

USB Type-C is a standard that is changing the way PC and mobile devices are powered. The standard covers how power and data are delivered among these computing and communication devices, and is being adopted by most major PC, notebook PC and mobile device companies.

CAS is probably the fastest growing form of music content playback by consumers, as computing devices such as notebooks have become the center stage of audio setups. The BravoLinear MusicLinearTM's accelerated path from ideation to production was enabled by crowdfunding-to-production support from TE Connectivity, Indiegogo, and Arrow Electronics.

Innovative product with rich audiophile expertise
BravoLinear Tech Ltd, with its high-end audiophile product expertise is offering MusicLinearTM, a clean and extremely low noise power supply, the type of power source sought after by many audio consumers.

According to Alex Yeung, CEO of BravoLinear Tech Limited, "We are excited about launching our MusicLinearTM line of power supply products, which combine the vast flexibility offered by the USB Type-C standard and our audiophile product expertise in linear power design. We are delighted with the collaboration with key component suppliers including TE Connectivity and Arrow Electronics, offering expertise, support and industrial top-class connectivity that our customers require."

New standard offering growth opportunities
"USB Type-C is one of the fastest growing applications for the consumer electronics market, and our USB Type-C connector provides faster data rates, higher power, and A/V connectivity in one interface, opening up far more design flexibility for engineers designing the next generation of electronics products," said Jason Merszei, vice president & general manager of Asia and EMEA for TE Connectivity's business unit Data and Devices, chairman of the TE Connectivity China Business Council. "We are pleased to work with BravoLinear for the MusicLinearTM line of Linear Power supply products."

Merszei added: "Our partnership with Arrow brings great collaborative advantages when it comes to our engineering expertise in connectivity, which complemented and helped enhance BravoLinear's capability for innovation in power audio product design. Our product leadership will help market innovators such as BravoLinear address the connectivity challenges of the next generation of the CAS market segment."

Accelerating innovations to market
MusicLinearTM’s development work was accelerated at Arrow Electronics' Open Lab, located in the Hong Kong Science Park. "We were able to obtain real-time technology expertise support and access to the latest engineering equipment and facilities available at Arrow Open Lab. As a startup, we really appreciate the technical guidance and resources from Arrow which enabled us to overcome design challenges, optimize our product development cycle, and accelerate time-to-market," said Alex Yeung.

About BravoLinear Tech
BravoLinear Tech Ltd. is the developer and owner of MusicLinearTM (www.musiclinear.com), an innovative audio power product line. BravoLinear is formed by team of electronics and audio industry experts, and launched by high end audio expert Eastern Electric, an award winning high end audio product brand, exporting tube phono and power amplifiers, and DACs to EU, USA, Australia and Asia for 15 years.

MusicLinearTM is a trademark.

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