World's First Ski & Snowboard Carabiner Tool

CL!CK CARABINER Launches Kickstarter Campaign and introduces the world's first Snowboard & Ski carabiner. Tune Bindings. Anytime. Anywhere.

CL!CK Carabiner is in the final weeks of a Kickstarter Campaign for the world's first snowboard and alpine ski tool in a carabiner form.

WIth well over 1500 backers the CL!CK CARABINER Kickstarter Project has become one of most successful crowd funded projects in it's category!

Snowboarding and Skiing specific wrenches, a screwdriver, and a bottle opener were all fit into a carabiner form to make the first "on the go" ski and snowboard tool that clips right to a belt loop or backpack. The CL!CK CARABINER is highly compact and extremely portable. Keeping keys secure and tools on hand at all times, skiers and snowboarders can now tune their bindings anytime, anywhere.

Company Founder, Mark "Schmiddy" Schmid began with the highly successful Skateboard Carabiner Tool. Naturally, people began to ask Schmiddy for other niche specific carabiners. So Schmiddy, along with his dream team of world class talent designed the alpine ski and snowboard carabiner. A CL!CK ski or snowboard carabiner could save your day on the mountain or in the back country.

Both the CL!CK alpine ski and snowboarding carabiners include: #3 Phillips head screwdriver, #2 Phillips head screwdriver with 90 degree & 180 degree locking feature, patented "Glove-On" technology, and bottle opener. The large slot screwdriver is unique to the ski carabiner and the 3mm hex wrench, 4mm hex wrench are unique to the snowboarding carabiner.

Functioning as an ideal multi tool, The CL!CK Carabiner is one accessory everyone should have on hand at all times.

The CL!CK Carabiner Kickstarter project ends December 1st 2013.

Information on the CL!CK CARABINER Kickstarter can be found at:

About CL!CK CARABINER: CL!CK Carabiner was created to provide the essential tools for enthusiasts in a clever, simple, and effective carabiner form.

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