World's First App That Checks Mental Health Launched on Global App Stores

Better is a powerful mental health app created by leading British consultant psychotherapist John Halker and experienced marketer Peter Grange, Co-Founders of the Channel Island-based Better App Company. They created the award-winning Better Stop Suicide app, which has saved lives, including an Italian woman who is now translating all the company's apps for that market and an 11-year-old boy, who was one of the Better app testers.

Better is a powerful mental health app

​The world's first app that checks mental health and well-being has been launched by The Better App Company on the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Why is the Better app different? It features a unique emotional and wellbeing check that helps users gain a deep understanding of their own real emotional needs, find out where their needs are being met, but importantly how to discover the ways in which they can better their resilience, wellbeing, health and happiness. The Better app offers real tools, enabling the user to design and build a better life.

A free version of the Better app includes the unique emotional needs check that gives a trackable wellbeing score, features to encourage talking and exercising, audio to calm the mind through a simple breathing exercise, and offers the ability to connect directly with a therapist. There is a free seven-day trial on the paid plan within the app, which offers additional 'Life made better' audios and 'Better sleep' audios weekly, recorded by leading British mental health experts.

The Better App Company will donate 10% of profits from the Better app every month to mental health charities all over the world. Translated versions in Spanish, Italian and Chinese will be launching soon.

The health tech company has also launched the world's first white-label mental health app service, powered by the Better app. This enables companies employing 500+ staff to have their own-branded version of the Better app, which they can provide to their staff. The Better App Company is in talks with global brands wanting to provide their own-branded version of the Better app to their customers.

"There are clear and proven benefits for the user - better sleep, better emotional health, better and deeper understanding of the human needs we all have, better physical wellbeing - in brief, how to design and build a better life," said Mr Halker.

"Better is loaded with rich content, supporting the user to find their calm, thinking mind, to settle easily into a relaxed state, to understand healthy and sustainable ways in which their needs can be met, and to sleep brilliantly well, once they know how."

Key features of the Better Stop Suicide app are calming audio files, quick access to key phone contacts, gratitude checklist, built-in alarm clock, better sleep audio file, emotional needs 'quick' check, helpful tasks to feel better, and uniquely the app allows people to record a life-saving message to themselves. Since its launch, the Better Stop Suicide app has been used by tens of thousands of people across the world. It won a Platinum Award in the Health and Wellness category at the prestigious global 2019 DotCOMM Awards.

Download the Better app on the Google Play and Apple app stores. Search: Better app

For more information visit the Better App Company website or to arrange an interview contact John Halker, Co-Founder of the Better App Company, by emailing

Source: The Better App Company

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