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The web address has been released for sale to coincide with the 2018 FIFA world soccer championships.

With half the people around the globe following the World Cup this summer and a vast and ever-increasing number of sports fans accessing articles and reports online, the advertising potential for this web address is phenomenal.

A fantastic opportunity for one of the world’s major sports sponsors or sports goods manufacturers to develop a site around not just soccer but the world champions and top participants of all types of sports and sporting events, creating an exciting ongoing news and advertising portal for the whole sporting world. offers unbelievable potential for advertisers to develop this prestigious, naturally searched for, memorable domain name. This should be of particular interest to sports sponsors, sports advertising agencies, sports media, sports goods manufacturers, branding agencies and indeed the current or past World Champions of all major sports.

The domain name has been put up for auction on the "Great Domains" auction platform. The auction is now live for bidding and the auction finishes at 18:00 CEST on 28 June.

Click the link below to view the auction page:

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