World Water Day Initiative at Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort

Every drop of fresh water is important. Find out how Western Maharashtra's most trusted ayurvedic health resort contributed as World Water Day initiative.

Water is a source of joy, life, nourishment, strength and more. Human beings depend on freshwater supply for multiple reasons ranging from agriculture to thermoelectric power generation. It not only defines biological sustainability but plays an undeniably important role in all aspects of life. Hence, water conservation is not only important but a necessity now. Understanding the importance of responsible global citizenship, Prakruti ayurvedic health resort started its Rain Water Harvesting project a while ago.

On contacting Dr. Suyog Dandekar, one of the most senior founding members of Prakruti ayurvedic health resort, he said, “Rain water harvesting is a reliable source of clean water. Factors like lowered rainfall and lesser resources of water resources etc. lead to dangerous climatic shifts. During an in house discussion, it was found that this initiative would not only reduce pressure on nearby water resources but also would be a great idea to ensure usable water for basic activities like growing crops and human consumption.”

This is not the first time when this ayurvedic health resort has supported a noble cause for humankind as well as natural resources. It runs several activities for betterment of mankind, out of which serving guests with authentic panchakarma treatment stands in foremost. The team of ayurvedic doctors in Satara has successfully cured more than 150,000 patients within past 15 years. Specialty treatments at this natural healthcare resort includes ayurvedic treatments for diabetes, weight loss, infertility, spondylosis, joint problems, arthritis, paralysis, spine disorders and many more.

The said ayurvedic healthcare destination, helps several communities stay healthy in simplistic yet natural ways. There is also a restaurant within the premises which caters healthy food to people in and around Prakruti ayurvedic health resort. Guests also regularly get good panchakarma treatment deals in Satara for body detoxification and for healthy living. As it is located near Kaas pathar- one of world heritage places in Maharashtra, this resort is a preferred destination of multiple vacationers planning for health rejuvenation. Rain water harvesting project mentioned earlier is one of several attempts to ensure maximum care for every client as well as a valuable initiative towards World Water Day.