World Stem Cell Institute Patient Funding a Stem Cell breakthrough!

World Stem Cell Institute a 501 c3 Non-Profit organized to perform stem research, educate the public, and patient Funding are on the threshold of a stem cell breakthrough!

Mr. Newcomer the CEO of World Stem Cell Institute been studying and performing research on stem cells since 1962 after seeing a movie in a college genetics class which showed the development of a chick. It showed under an electronic microscope how stem cells created ever part of the chick. You saw the stem cells first creating the primitive strike and then going on to developing the brain, heart, etc.. It was magnificent!! I developed in my mind at that point that the right stem cells could not only repair but replace organs and extend life. Over the last 5 years He have found what he believe is a cell line that will do just that and need your help to move forward.

He said the public's DONATIONS will allow them to purchase additional Research equipment needed to accomplish the goals below:

1.        ASD/Autism Program-Autism Stem Cell Research is part of the goals and objectives of World Stem Cell Institute to create a better quality of life for autistic children. We believe we are only months away from developing a stem cell line dubbed “THG62″ that will alter the course of stem cell treatments for autistic children.

2.        Preemie Program-Our goal is to be able to continue stem cell input until the Preemie baby reaches equivalent to minimum of 32 week gestation period which will reduces the effects of the multitude of diseases they may endure and save society billions.

3.       Aids/HIV Program- World Stem Cell Institute are developing THG62 stem cell line, an adult stem cell line with pluripotent stem cells possibilities and OCT-4, TRA-1-60 and SSEA-4 markers with the mutated version of a key protein CCR5 delta32. There has been several patients with HIV who received allogeneic stem cell transplants for myeloid leukemia from a donor who had CCR5 delta32 mutation that makes stem cells naturally resistant to HIV infection

4.        AMD/Fuchs Disease Program-The funds DONATED to World Stem Cell Institute for (AMD) and Fuchs’ disease will be used to improve the present stem cell treatments, research for new stem cell lines, sources and methods to treat (AMD) and Fuchs’ disease , clinical trials and to help provide funds to those (AMD) and Fuchs’ disease patients that cannot afford the cost of treatments and lodging

5.        Anti-Aging Program- World Stem Cell Institute after years of research are close to having an adult stem cell line THG62 that would not only repair the damaged organs but could replace them and extend your life, looking younger with better health. We want to help people move back to a generation!!!