World Sports Network Welcomes WSOP Champion Phil Hellmuth as Wise Kracks Special Guest

World Sports Network, is proud to announce World Series Poker Hall of Famer and 15-time World Poker Champion, Phil Hellmuth, as special guest on Wise Kracks with Bill Krackomberger.

Phil is known internationally as the most decorated poker player in history with 15 World Series Poker Bracelets being awarded to his name. In this episode of Wise Kracks, Phil reveals how he was able to turn himself into a world-class poker player and how his upbringing has molded his behavior and professional poker ethos. 

In an incredibly exposed moment, Phil shared with Bill and Jon, the Wise Kracks hosts, about a moment in his life when he realized he had hit rock bottom and decided then and there to turn his life around and become the greatest living poker player.

"In college, I dropped out to play poker, and I remember one freaky night in my life ... It was noon, and I had a drink, and I took a hit of pot and, I'm at a seedy bar, and I'm playing pool for 20 dollars a game, and a light turned on in my head saying 'is this your life?' and I just remember saying no. And so I remember I rushed back to my apartment, and I wrote up this plan of what I had to do to become the best in the world at playing poker ... within a year or a year and a half I won the World Series of Poker main event and I was on the map."  

Phil went on to make some predictions concerning the legalization of poker compared to sports betting in the United States:

"I think eventually we'll see poker being legalized in the same number of states that we've seen sports betting being legalized in the last few years."

"Right now there are four states with legal regulated poker while 25 have legalized some form of sports betting be it through ballot measures or state statutes. Phil goes on to discuss his reasoning behind his bold predictions as to why more states will legalize poker."

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Source: World Sports Network