World Series Champion and Host of Major League Baseball Show Joins Bula Social App as a Partner and Ambassador


Boston Red Sox baseball legend Kevin Millar has joined the Bula team as a partner and ambassador. The LA native was instrumental in breaking the Curse of the Bambino with a series-changing performance that helped the Red Sox recapture the World Series Championship in 2004 after the 86-year drought. Millar is currently host of the Intentional Talk on the MLB Network and hosts the popular podcast "Intentional Talk: Caught Listening."

The Bula team is excited to have partnered with such a world-renowned celebrity and former professional athlete who brings incredible star power and a tremendous network of athletes, celebrities and social media influencers to help take Bula to the next level. Millar, who is incredibly enthusiastic to be partnering with Bula, was heard exclaiming, "Bula is Fun-Freaking-Tastic!" and is ecstatic about the months ahead.

Bula is the hottest Social Challenge App and has been turning the social media market on its head with its new and exciting platform. It allows users to create a limitless number of challenges, create stakes and crown a winner and then memorialize the challenge. Users can engage in challenges of all kinds, including individual, team or in a large group. Bula is a powerful tool for running large corporate challenges and raising awareness for charitable causes. The sky is the limit with Bula.

Bula has generated an enormous amount of excitement, especially after the recent launch of its beta version, which coincided with the NFL Championship in February. The app quickly achieved its target users in a few short weeks. Bula was featured at a large charitable golf fundraiser hosted by "Big Papi" David Ortiz in Tampa, Florida, a yacht party co-partnered with the infamous Baddies Only and drew the attention of famous celebs and sports athletes like the King of Cleveland, Bernie Koser, and NFL legend and Pro Bowler Doug Flutie. The app stole the show with bursts of participants yelling "Put a Bula On It!" in reference to the catchphrase behind the brand.

There has never been anything like Bula before, so go create a profile and let the games begin. Enjoy Bula, enjoy life!

Source: Bula Technologies

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