World Renowned Photographer Anne Geddes Releases New Photo App

Anne Geddes Releases New App

Anne Geddes

Today, Anne Geddes is introducing her brand-new Anne Geddes app - a safe and secure place where her followers can easily upload and store all of their precious images and share them with friends and family. What sets Anne Geddes' apart from other photo apps is that here her followers can be part of a new Anne Geddes Community, where Anne is personally involved, and will be available to provide helpful input on the photography and how to make the images even better. 
Anne will be writing a regular blog on the app, not just with photography tips but also insights as to how she became involved with photography and what continues to inspire her today. Anne will share behind-the-scenes anecdotes from her nearly 35-year career and look forward to hearing from others on the app as well. Anne will answer any questions in the "Ask Anne" section - ask away on all things photography and anything else.  
Then there is the Joy Board. When the pandemic hit, Anne began a special global joy series on her Instagram (@annegeddesofficial) asking her followers from around the world to share an image with Anne of a child who brings them joy. The response was incredible - literally hundreds of images came in from (to date) 89 countries, reinforcing to Anne that, indeed, we are all in this together. From now on,  new images will be featured on the Joy Board in the app. So wherever followers are in the world, they can feel free to add one of these types of favorite images to the Joy Board as well.  
Anne is open for interviews and can discuss her motivation for starting this app. Feel free to contact Anne or her husband, Kel, anytime. ( or 

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