World-Renowned Artists Unite for Autism Awareness in Groundbreaking NFT Art Launch

Only one hundred of the unique collectibles produced by Bradley's Apothecary, LLC—which take the form of the familiar frozen treat—will ever be made, with a portion of the proceeds going to autism research and support organizations.

"He doesn't look autistic," people often tell Arizona-based Joe Bradley when speaking about his son, Cooper. Now 13 years old, Cooper was officially diagnosed with autism when he was five and Joe received his official diagnosis 5 years ago. After learning to become a fierce advocate for Cooper, Joe Bradley is now advocating for autism awareness with a charming series of digital collectibles, DoublePops, which are being sold online on the marketplace as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs; this is the world's first NFT art project dedicated to bringing awareness to neurodiversities and is produced by Bradley's Apothecary, LLC.

Alongside Joe, his wife Heather is dedicated to the cause of helping autistic adults and parents of autistic children navigate the complexities of access and accommodations in a world that is not always geared to their strengths and challenges. As advocates for autism awareness, the Bradley family supports adults, parents and children who are just learning about their diagnosis.

The most important lesson Bradley and his wife have learned in the course of their work is that autism is different in every individual—unlike the stereotypes portrayed in the media, autistic people don't all have a special interest or engage in outward repetitive behaviors. The DoublePops series reflects this. "Each DoublePop is different, but is part of a whole—just like people, who can be neurotypical or neurodiverse, but are all part of the same human family," says Joe Bradley.

Only one hundred of the unique collectibles—which take the form of the familiar frozen treat which is a favorite of Bradley's kids—will ever be made, with a portion of the proceeds going to autism research and support organizations. On Aug. 7, 2021, the final DoublePops will launch, with a twist—they are guest interpretations from some of the hottest artists in the physical art world and the NFT space, including:

Ali Sabet

Andy Poon

Brian Morris

Brian Romero

Cake Nygard

Christine Webb

Cory Pawlak (End-One)

Eduardo Herrera (Hood Vangogh)

Eva Crawford

Frank Kozik

Jason Spencer (Killer Napkins)

Jennifer Moyer (Plotski)

Kate Samuels

Kyle Confehr

Klim (Big Shot Toy Works)

Matan Salmon (Fiiidgt)

Matt French


Nate Bear

Russ Morland (LURK)

Sean Keeton

Shaun Cheney (Meanmugg)

Violetta Melnikova

The project is an innovative opportunity for Cooper and Olivia, his sister, to learn how to run a business. Once all 100 NFTs have been claimed, the family will enter "phase 2" of the DoublePop project, creating an online marketplace offering real-world items like prints, home goods, apparel featuring DoublePops and physical resin collectible toys.

DoublePops range from single colors to wild and crazy renditions but each one is a "one of one" piece that can be collected as a non-fungible token, or NFT, on the online Opensea marketplace. Offered for sale in the Ethereum digital cryptocurrency, each DoublePop is a piece of nostalgic pixel art, reminiscent of early video-game art, but is unique and features vivid colors and themes. Http:// will lead direct to the collection on the marketplace.

Non-fungible tokens are unique works of digital art and collectibles whose authenticity, rarity and ownership can be verified on a blockchain—a cryptographically-secured open-ledger technology that is best known as the infrastructure for digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Article written by Margaret Corvid

Source: Bradley's Apothecary, LLC


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