World Changing Books Unveils Bold Industry Disrupting Rebrand to Empower Authors in Book Sales

World Renowned Book Coach and Strategist Robin Colucci Announces Rebrand to Empower Authors to Craft and Sell Their Books Successfully.

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Robin Colucci, Principal Founder of World Changing Books (WCB), a boutique consultancy specializing in book coaching and writing services, is thrilled to announce today the completion of a strategic rebrand set to revolutionize the way authors connect with readers. The rebrand represents a significant shift in focus towards supporting authors not only in crafting impactful books but also in successfully reaching their audience.

World Changing Books recognizes the critical need for authors to navigate the complexities of book sales in an industry where visibility alone does not guarantee success. Robin Colucci, Founder of WCB, expressed a pivotal realization, stating, "The real potential of books that hold world-changing ideas can't be unlocked unless there are enough readers reading those books."

The key changes in the rebrand include a dedicated effort by World Changing Books to help their client authors sell their books effectively. Colucci identified a gap in the publishing industry where authors, despite having great ideas, struggle to sell enough copies to make a real impact. The rebranded mission is to ensure that clients not only write world-changing books but also have the support to successfully market and sell them.

“We’d been excelling at helping our clients write outstanding manuscripts, land literary agents, and get published by major publishers for over 20 years, but we left book sales up to them. We decided that to truly fulfill our promise and “help world-class experts write world-changing books,” we also needed to take on book sales. After all, if you write a book and no one reads it, did you really write a world-changing book?” 

Under Robin's expert guidance, World Changing Books has helped top industry experts—from CEOs, astronauts, and Nobel laureates to emerging voices—secure over $6.3 million in advances in the past four years alone. These authors have successfully landed deals with “Big 5” publishers, won prestigious awards, and earned bestseller statuses everywhere from Amazon to The New York Times.

Colucci explained, "Our clients write excellent books with the potential to change the world, but most have neither the know-how nor the time to learn how to sell enough books to do it. We’ve decided to take it on. I believe we’re disrupting the industry because no one who helps people write books has ventured into this crucial realm until now. And by us beginning to do it, I'm hoping that it will inspire other people who provide services to authors to also help them not just put the books out into the world, not just create 'bestseller' status, but help make sure that those books get into the hands of actual readers where they can make a difference."

The primary goal and objective of the rebrand is clear: to empower authors to not only write excellent impactful books but to sell their books to readers. World Changing Books aims to fill the void in the industry by offering comprehensive support and tailored done-for-you services to authors who wish to see their innovative ideas reach a larger audience. These services are designed to help clients not only create but sell thousands of books, allowing them to grow their brand and business simultaneously.

World Changing Books invites industry professionals alike to join them in this transformative journey towards making world-changing books not only impactful in content but also influential in reach.

About World Changing Books

Founded by world-renowned book coach and strategist Robin Colucci, World Changing Books is at the forefront of transforming the author-reader connection with an impressive 100% success rate of placing clients with literary agents who go on to sell their book or pairing them directly with reputable publishers. With over three decades of invaluable expertise, Robin has not only revolutionized the art of crafting a world-changing book but also has taken on the challenge of successfully selling them. Under her visionary leadership, World Changing Books has been instrumental in assisting a diverse array of industry professionals—from CEOs, astronauts, and Nobel laureates to emerging voices—secure over $6.3 million in advances in the past four years alone. Experts who have utilized Robin’s proven methods have successfully landed deals with “Big 5” publishers, won prestigious awards, and earned bestseller statuses everywhere from Amazon to The New York Times. Recognizing that visibility alone does not ensure success, in a groundbreaking move, World Changing Books addresses the industry gap, providing crucial support to authors navigating the complexities of book sales by bridging the divide between innovative ideas and a broader audience. For more information visit:

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