World Biz Magazine Awards Double Recognition to Hamutal Yitzkak, CEO of Else Nutrition

Number 1 on 'Top 100 Innovation CEOs of 2021' & Featured on the Cover of WBM

Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO of Else Nutrition on the cover of World Biz Magazine

Hamutal Yitzhak is the Chairwoman, CEO & Co-Founder of Else Nutrition Holdings Inc, which developed "Else" - the first 100% Plant-Based, globally patented dairy-free and soy-free baby nutrition. Else provides the first-ever viable alternative to traditional infant nutrition based on cow's milk and soy - which have been the standard for over 100 years.

Hamutal is a successful serial entrepreneur and inventor, with a series of global patents and innovations to her name and her co-founder Uriel Kesler, coupled with a portfolio of novel innovative foods that are nutritious, nourishing and preventive. Hamutal has been a trailblazer and has challenged the global infant formula industry by developing and producing natural, whole, clean foods, focusing on the transparency of ingredients and manufacturing processes to provide the cleanest and healthiest products possible.

In recognition of Hamutal's advancement of the infant and child nutrition industry, World Biz Magazine awarded her first place on its Top 100 Innovation CEOs of 2021. 

Hamutal was also selected to join the exclusive group of business luminaries that have graced the cover of World Biz Magazine; an honor exclusively reserved for leaders reshaping industries. 

Hamutal Yitzhak commented: "It's both humbling and rewarding to receive this distinction by World Biz Magazine. We're driven by a mission to provide the cleanest, plant-based alternative and to lead the healthy revolution for babies and children worldwide. Else is already making a meaningful difference in families' lives, providing a real solution in an industry which has been devoid of a real alternative to dairy in over a century. Hearing the many moving and often life-changing stories from families who are touched by our innovation, provides us with fuel to continue on this important journey."

WBM's Top 100 Innovation CEO Awards celebrates business leaders that are making major strides in their industries. It recognizes product, service, functional, strategic, and managerial innovation. It also recognizes individuals showing exceptional commercial insight and market integrity. Sustainability forms a key cornerstone of the awards and is an integral part of the selection criteria. 

Mike Walters, Editor in Chief of WBM: "We received over 40,000 entries for our 2021 awards. To be selected #1 is a testament to Hamutal's contributions to raising standards in infant and child nutrition. In the face of overwhelming barriers to entry, she has brought a real alternative to the market; one that is cleaner, healthier and better for the environment. Else Nutrition has successfully disrupted its space and is on the cusp of global expansion; providing an exciting opportunity for investors."

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