World 2 Win (W2W) Aims at Reviving the Online Gaming Network With Their Unique Initiative

A group of young Mumbai based entrepreneurs with a strong e-portfolio aims at establishing India on the Global Gaming map with the launch of their passion project, World 2 Win. Available on iOS and Android, World 2 Win gives you the chance to win luxurious prizes from the comfort of your homes through a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. The app has been developed after a thorough and careful study of the gaming environment for over 15 months. The app has been designed to carve its niche independent of the competitive gaming market by creating an unconventional and rewarding framework for its consumers. The founders have strong faith in their location agnostic approach, and are dedicating their resources to make W2W the go-to gaming platform globally, not just in India.   

Opening the app takes you to a game of archery, free of charge for the consumer to play, with rewards that range from premium electronic products to the newest gadgets to daily luxury products. Rewards go to leaders on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Instead of the usual lottery that most gaming platforms use, W2W employs a judging panel that ranks the consumers based on their skill. As a gamer, you can track your current ranking through the app. The scale of the reward goes bigger from weekly to fortnightly to monthly leader-boards. The founders emphasis that the key driving force behind this project is customer satisfaction and appreciation – fulfilling the consumers’ desire to own a luxury product, free of charge.

World 2 Win’s user-friendly layout is a product of consumer responses and sample studies with a target audience ranging from 10 to 50 years of age. The Indian gaming market did see a rise in reward-based online gaming models in the early 2000s, however the founders believe that the differentiation of the product compared to those earlier attempts is maintained through one key factor: simplicity. ‘Gamers like to preserve their efforts for the actual game, and not waste them on the process of maneuvering through the app and reaching the final competition. Our app rides on this easy-to-operate model’, said a company spokesperson. Founders also stress on the importance of one game rather than a variety of others. ‘We want to focus on making our archery-based game the best in the business. Deviating from one and investing our resources on multiple games is not the need of the hour. We would rather have one premium competition than a hundred presentable ones’, the spokesperson added. The inspiration behind Archery too was linked to the binding theme of simplicity. A sport that can be tracked to over 70,000 years before present, an activity that was practised across regions and a basic rule framework that has been constant from the Palaeolithic era to now. Digitally restructuring a form with such rich history was a concept that fascinated Team W2W.

Though conceptualized in India, team W2W launches the app with a robust international market plan. ‘The Digital Emergence of India was a key factor in our decision to go international. We are committed to the Indian market 100%, for it is the congenial environment for online ventures here that gives us the base for a global launch’, said a company spokesperson. ’Gaming in general works across borders. A Vietnam based developer can create a game that breaks the internet in the States, the Chinese gaming market is in line to hit the $20 bn mark in 4 years – these are motivations for us to go global and we have faith in our product to make the difference’. Simple, rewarding and global – World 2 Win has all the ingredients to take India-developed gaming back on the global map. The ambitious project is available now on your app stores.

Source: World of Wining India Pvt Ltd

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World2Win - World's 1st skill based free online gaming competition where you can use your skills and judgment to claim the PRIZE ! A simple crossbow target shooting competition giving, everyone a fair environment to compete with each other worldwide.

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