Workplace Ergonomics 101, Essentials with is designed to aid people in becoming more comfortable and productive while using their computer, thus helping to reduce the risks of painful and disabling injuries or disorders.

Nowadays, computer use is becoming indispensable and plainly put, essential. In several businesses, a working adult faces a computer for an average of 7.5 hours on each weekday, and 5 hours on weekends. Kids and teens are not spared either. They are spending as much as 31 hours each week playing games, chatting or simply browsing through websites. In this regard, the importance of having the right posture and position while in front of the computer cannot be understated. Each user must be aware about preventing injuries and body aches while in front of this machine. After all, comfort and productivity must come together during computer use. provides suggestions to minimize or eliminate identified problems in the workplace. Focusing on what is known as, workplace ergonomics, this website provides tips and advice to help computer users working at office or home avoid injuries that associated with computer use, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS, Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI and Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSD. These injuries, which are becoming more and more common with the frequent use of computers in almost all industries, can be painful and debilitating.

In essence, illustrates simple and inexpensive ideas that will help visitors create a safe and comfortable computer workstation. Applying the principles of ergonomics, this website presents the better ways to work without stressing the body while behind a computer desk.

Through its wide array of articles and a blog, provides useful ergonomic tips and guidelines for safety and injury prevention. This website also suggests to computer users products that can maximize their productivity while maintaining their health, such as an ergonomic desk, an ergonomic mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, an ergonomic monitor and other computer-related objects. It also allows visitors to create their own "custom-fit" computer workstation to fit their exact needs.

Stay healthy and avoid injuries while working on your computer for several hours. Know the basics and more about workplace ergonomics at