Workbook DXE Brings the Best in Commercial Illustration and Photography to Your Finger Tips

A new commercial artist portfolio showcase makes it easier for Creative Decision Makers to find top talent

Workbook, LLC, the leading commercial portfolio platform for over 40 years, has expanded their digital offerings with Workbook DXE (Digital Experience Edition). Workbook DXE is an extension of the digital products Workbook offers that connects artists with creative decision makers, increasing exposure and providing insight. After decades of physical portfolio books, Workbook DXE presents the same strong caliber of commercial artists, but presents their work with motion and sound, providing a true sensory experience that showcases the breadth of their skills. With over 600 artists, the easy searchability of the platform directs creative decision makers, art directors, designers, creative directors, art buyers, in advertising, design, publishing, and other fields to the best artist for their campaigns. Workbook DXE soft launched in May 2021 and will be refreshing their artists' pages with new content on August 1, 2021.

Workbook DXE brings together some of the biggest names in illustration and photography, many of whom have worked on major national campaigns and publications and received prestigious awards. Artists on Workbook DXE include illustrators: Bill Mayer, Hamilton King Award winner, Silver and Gold award winner Society of Illustrators; Victo Ngai, Hamilton King Award winner; Jason Seiler, Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" cover; Mark Summers, King Award winner and Hall of Fame of Society of Illustrators; and Brian Stauffer, covers that include The New Yorker and Time; photographers and directors: Andy Anderson, a two time Kelly Award Finalist and Life Magazine Alfred Eisenstaedt Award; Rob Adamo who has shot for Time, The Atlantic and Progressive; Doug Menuez, The Kelly Awards, The AOP London, the Cannes Festival, The One Show, the Art Directors Club of New York; Patrick Molnar who has shot for Delta, Mastercard and Toyota; and Tim Tadder, a 10 time Creative Art winner.

"Workbook DXE is a refreshing and innovative way for photographers to show their work to top creatives in the industry. In a constantly changing place as our business Workbook has always shown a smart way to engage right people to the right work," said photographer Andy Anderson.

With the ability to customize each page, the artist controls the way their work is presented, while providing a sense of the artist's personality and sensibilities in a fast, user-friendly setting. Each page provides the right amount of content to understand an artist's style without becoming overwhelming. Creative decision makers can view additional artwork samples and information through the linked Workbook portfolio page making an easy and seamless way to explore each artist further.

With great talent in one location, the need to search in multiple locations and for long lengths of time is eliminated. Since Workbook DXE soft launched in May 2021, the average search time has been 10 minutes. The most popular searches for illustration have been food and beverage, maps and comic books while the most popular photography searches have been for lifestyle, food and portraits.

"I can say without a doubt that my advertisements and promotions through Workbook print editions, searchable website-based portfolios, and new digital book editions have brought in projects outside of my usual client roster," said illustrator Brian Stauffer.

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