Work Efficiency Improves by 100% With Brain Boosters According to a Study Conducted Nootropic Plus

Wall Street's Best Kept Secret: 2 in 10 of the Top-Earning Wolves Already Switched Their Daily Coffee for Cognitive Enhancers.

A new trend that has been widely known for a couple years now in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street is finally taking over the rest of the world. In this age of efficiency above all else, successful entrepreneurs and hardworking businessmen have discovered nootropics - so called brain boosting supplements - for themselves.

A recent study* that was conducted by Nootropic Plus amongst potential nootropic users proved the brain enhancing effects. The study showed that after taking a pill, the participants felt more focused and had less trouble concentrating. In addition, the participants' work efficiency increased as well as they got twice as much work done in the same time than normally. 84% of the participants said that they started noticing positive effects within minutes after the first ingestion. More than half of the participants stated they will continue to take nootropic pills to increase their memory and boost their brain. Especially Wall Street brokers and bankers appreciated the brain enhancing effects, as 2 in 10 have already substituted nootropics for coffee: "Me and my colleagues switched to nootropics a while ago.", says one of the participants who is currently working as a broker. "Our job is very competitive, we have to be permanently focused and make decisions fast. I love coffee and energy drinks, but it can give you nasty crashes once the effects fade. That doesn't happen with nootropics." The study has also shown that thanks to its positive effects on focus and concentration, even students have discovered nootropics for themselves. "If you have to study for a big exam, you have to pick out the most relevant data out of a big set of information. Nootropics boost your brain in a way that also helps you focus on the most important aspects and memorize them better.", explains the Nootropic Plus study department team, that conducted the survey.

More and more hardworking entrepreneurs from the tech scene, competitive brokers and succesful businessmen are switching to smart drugs (so called nootropics) to boost their brain and enhance their performance.

But what are nootropic pills?

​Nootropics (from the Greek 'noos' for 'mind') are substances that enhance your memory while being extremely safe and even protective of the brain. Thorough research about the ingredients and nootropics in general has shown that it is safe for long-term use to improve your memory. It consists of natural as well as artificial ingredients, that have certain effects on your brain and body. "When nootropics enter the brain, they cause a stimulation of certain receptors responsible for memory and learning- simple as that. No risks, no side effects.", says the Nootropic Plus study department team. "Of course some of these effects can be achieved by caffeinated drinks as well", they continue. "However, the advantages of nootropic pills are that their effects last way longer. Meanwhile you won't feel shaky or jittery."

About Nootropic Plus

Nootropic Plus is a European company founded in 2015.  It is one of the first companies on the European market to sell nootropic brain supplements. The Nootropic Plus-formula was created with care by professional scientists and the ingredients were selected attentively. Nootropic Plus is a brain supplement that can make you smarter, keep you fully energized during the day and allows you to use the full potential of your brain.

*The study consisted of a questionnaire sent out to nootropic users and clients after their purchase. It contained several questions about the consumer´s personal experience with brain supplements. The main goal was to find out why the consumers have switched to nootropic pills instead of coffee and if they were going to stick with the alternative. The survey was conducted November 2015 - January 2016. 

Source: Nootropic Plus