Woodward Pharma Services LLC Acquires LOVAZA® Capsules

Woodward Pharma Services LLC ("Woodward"), a Michigan-based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, licensing and commercializing branded and generic products for the U.S. market, announces the acquisition of LOVAZA® (LO-VEY-ZA) soft gelatin capsules. 

LOVAZA® (omega-3-acid ethyl esters) capsules are indicated as an adjunct to diet to reduce triglyceride levels in adult patients with severe (greater than or equal to 500 mg/dL) hypertriglyceridemia. LOVAZA® was the first prescription omega-3 product approved by the FDA as a safe, natural and effective medical-grade supplement for managing high triglycerides.

"The entire Woodward team is beyond excited to acquire this iconic pharmaceutical brand," said Nirav Patel, President of Woodward. "LOVAZA® has a deep and rich heritage in the cardiovascular community and has served millions of patients since it was first approved in 2004. We look forward to continuing to educate providers and consumers alike of the benefits of LOVAZA®. We will also invest in patient assistance programs, a refreshed website and life cycle management strategies over the coming months." More info can be found at www.lovaza.com.

Woodward acquired LOVAZA® from GlaxoSmithKline LLC ("GSK").

About Woodward Pharma Services LLC

Woodward Pharma Services LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, licensing, and commercializing branded and generic prescription drugs for the U.S. market. The Company has a diverse portfolio of products distributed across multiple channels. 

Contact - Nirav Patel, President - nirav.patel@woodwardpharma.com

Source: Woodward Pharma Services LLC