Woodtiger Funds Reporting on Women, Health and Environment

Women's eNews begins a new investigative series on women and the environment today supported by a grant of $15,000 from The Woodtiger Fund.

The first article, published today, looks at the wide ranging risks for women and their children in America:

"Mothers and children share this "body burden" of pollutants in much the same way they share physical traits. Tests by the Washington-based Environmental Working Group found children have more synthetic chemicals in common with their mothers than with unrelated women and children.

Combined, these environmental contaminants may be responsible for the recent doubling in the incidence of asthma, autism, diabetes, male infertility, obesity and prostate cancer."

Read the full report at: http://womensenews.org/story/environment/121117/strong-medicine-needed-combat-toxic-policies

Women's eNews will research, report, and edit a series of stories about women and the environment, including coverage of women-led grassroots movements and the effects of environmental hazards on women's health.

Molly Ginty, a Women's eNews contributor, is leading the eight-part reporting series. Ginty and the Women's eNews editorial team were recognized on June 26, 2012 with a Casey Medal for Meritorious Reporting for an Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute supported report "Infant Formula Companies Milk US Food Program".

"Molly Ginty is an outstanding journalist who is deeply committed to producing the kind of high-impact journalism that reflects her commitment to women's health" said Rita Henley Jensen, editor in chief of Women's eNews. "I am delighted the Woodtiger Fund supports an opportunity for Ginty to continue in her dedication to documenting the unnecessary environmental hazards to all women's well-being."

This foundation sponsored series will be published over the next year and work to better inform Women's eNews' audience of activists, academics, students, philanthropists and government officials.

Launched in 2000, Women's eNews set out to be the vehicle for the distribution of narratives that enhance women's ability to participate fully in civic life, and to foster appreciation of their contributions to our earth's vitality and well-being. Twelve years later, Women's eNews has grown into an organization that distributes news written by independent journalists reporting from around the world, reaching 100,000 readers each day.