WomensOutletDirect.com Announces Website Launch for US Based Customers

WomensOutletDirect.com offers a wide assortment of accessories, handbags, cross body bags, purses, leather and fabric handbags, clutches, totes and women shoes. From best sellers to one of- a-kind items, their selection is now conveniently available online.

For those who like to indulge in chic and trendy accessories with handbags that combine fashion and function, WomensOutletDirect.com has announced the launch of their website.

"We value our customers and strive to consistently provide the best, most honest service. Integrity is our company's most cherished value."

Donna Daughrity, Owner

The site offers a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, as their goal in mind is to offer the right handbag at one’s shoulder no matter the occasion.

Designed for the the glamorous fashionista who’s looking to shine at night, they offer the choice of a sleek wristlet or a purely posh clutch. For other’s looking to accentuate their wardrobe with a cross-body bag, WomensOutletDirect.com offers the brands most in style today.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying your personal items in complete style, or trying to get them from here to there. Pursue handbag happiness while you browse our huge selection from the simple black tote to the metal studded cross-body bag, there is something for every style,” says (Name, Job Title of WomensOutletDirect.com).

WomensOutletDirect.com will also offer an amazing variety of shoes. With designs of all types, customers will find whatever kind of shoes they want and find the pair that works without digging through racks or standing in line.

With the belief that shoes polish off every outfit, WomensOutletDirect.com has partnered with the best brands to offer a whole shopping catalog of shoe styles.

WomensOutletDirect.com user-friendly layout is organized by categories. Our main goal for the site is ease of navigation and giving users the ability to quickly find exactly what they need. The site offers a one-page-checkout feature that benefits customers by simplifying the checkout process,” adds (Name, Job Title of WomensOutletDirect.com). “We strive to provide our valued customers the best honest service. Our Integrity is our company's most cherished value.”

For more information, please visit WomensOutletDirect.com

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