Women's Personal Safety Product Proceeds Help Fight Against Breast Cancer

The website WomenOnGuard.com is helping the fight against breast cancer, by selling products that are pink and for which some of the proceeds will go towards finding a cure for the disease

While approaching it's 6th year, this coming October on the Internet, Women On Guard is selling 6 personal safety products that not only will help women with their self defense, but will contribute to hopefully getting rid of breast cancer.

Susan Eaton and Martha Z. Martinez, both of which are co-owners and founders of Women On Guard, feel very strongly about the breast cancer battle that women have been confronting throughout the years. Both women have known personally, other women that have died due to this horrible ailment.

Susan explained, "I worked for 18 years at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, GA, and saw many of the patients as well as some of my close friends and co-workers, succumb to breast cancer. Sometimes the disease attacked quickly and sometimes it would go on and on for extended periods of time, agonizing it's victims, while they lived on the edge. It's a devastating disease that Martha was also exposed to, as a child. One of her mother's friends died of the disease and her own aunt barely survived breast cancer. Her mother's sister finally fought it away by removing both of her breasts and fortunately, she is still alive today."

The pink self defense products which are available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds go to help the fight against breast cancer, consist of 5 different stun guns and one LED mini flashlight. Some of the stun guns are also available in black. But the owners of this safety products website, are trying to encourage female customers to purchase the ones that have the pink colored caption, which states that a portion of the proceeds go toward the fight against breast cancer.

WomenOnGuard.com has been selling non-lethal, self defense products, such as pepper spray, personal alarms, stun guns and tasers, since it's inception in October of 2006. The customer's safety is their number one priority. The website also donates pepper spray to women's crisis centers nationally.