Women's Digital Imaging of Ridgewood Adds Whole Breast Automated Ultrasound (AWBUS); Ultrasound Added to Mammography Found to Double Cancers Detected

Women's Digital Imaging is introducing AWBUS, automated Ultrasound, designed to improve early detection of breast abnormalities. Ultrasound has been shown to increase cancer detection in women with dense breast tissue when added to Mammograpy

Women's Digital Imaging of Ridgewood (WDI) is introducing Whole Breast Automated Ultrasound (AWBUS), a technology designed to detect cancer that is especially valuable for women with dense breast tissue. Ultrasound added to mammography has been shown to increase the breast cancer detection rate for women with dense breast tissue. Mammography misses up to 50 percent of cancers in dense breast tissue since both the cancer and tissue show up white. On Ultrasound, tissue is gray.

Dr. Lisa Weinstock, Director of Women's Digital Imaging, said she has been conducting hand held Ultrasound exams for her patients, but thinks AWBUS might have some advantages over hand held. The automated exam accumulates 3000 to 5000 images in a cine format so it is viewed like a movie and can be speeded up, slowed down, fast forwarded and reversed to review areas of interest. The images are taken at a constant speed, unlike hand held Ultrasound which is dependent on the technologist's movements, so that if there are small cancers, they will be seen in a number of frames. Changes from image to image (graduation) can be seen that might be missed in a series of still images. With this information, Dr. Weinstock can go back and zero in on a specific area with hand held Ultrasound.

Dr. Weinstock continuously monitors and evaluates new imaging technology and introduces modalities when she feels they add something to the process of detecting cancer. She thinks AWBUS will provide an added level of accuracy in screening patients. "While my technologists are all experienced, and I come in to review all hand held Ultrasound exams, there is still some concern about human error - positions can shift; something can be missed. I think AWBUS has the potential to provide a more objective exam."

Dr. Weinstock has testified before the FDA and the New Jersey legislature on the need to enact laws requiring women to be notified when they have dense breast tissue. Currently, radiologists are required to inform referring doctors about a patient's density but the patients are not informed. Twelve states have enacted breast density inform laws. Legislation is pending in The New Jersey Assembly.

"Women have to be their own best breast advocates," Dr. Weinstock said. "WDI is introducing AWBUS to give all our patients, especially women with dense breast tissue, the most confidence that nothing is missed."

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