Women Founders of Megalytics and Otso Partner to Maximize Protection and Asset Value for Commercial Landlords

Commercial landlords can now access robust data-driven tools for identifying quality tenants while gaining protection against every instance of tenant default

Otso Corp

Leading CRETech innovator in tenant and market due diligence, Megalytics, has joined forces with commercial real estate fintech services company, Otso, to provide real-time risk management, market data insight, and additional tenant default protection for landlords while minimizing cash outlays for tenants. 

The status quo for protection against tenant default in commercial real estate requires businesses to lockup a significant amount of working capital to lease space, yet landlords are still left with high capital exposure and limited knowledge of tenant financial standing during the term of the lease. Combining the offerings of Megalytics and Otso arms landlords with a powerful comprehensive package to maximize protection against tenant default while increasing their asset's value with a deep dive, real-time assessment of the quality and performance of their tenants. With Otso, tenants can also retain their working capital typically locked in deposits or letters of credit. It's a win-win for both parties.  

Historically, technology companies in commercial real estate have not been collaborative, but Otso co-founder Marissa Limsiaco envisions a different approach to becoming leaders of change. She explains, "We see this partnership as an opportunity to provide more value to our existing customers and Megalytics aligns perfectly with our mission and value proposition. I'm also especially honored to partner with another woman founder in our industry."

Megalytics' founder, Donna Salvatore, is delighted to be working with Otso and says, "Our clients are always concerned about getting the right amount of security on any commercial lease and what options might be available in the industry to secure a lease with minimal cost and resources.  We look forward to forging this new partnership in the industry and how we can further bring value and reduce risk for our clients."

To receive more information on how commercial landlords and asset managers are using critical data-driven analytics to drive tenant risk reduction and asset value appreciation, contact Marissa Limsiaco at marissa@otso.io or Donna Salvatore at info@meglaytics.net.    

About OTSO

Otso offers protection for every instance of tenant default in commercial real estate leases. Otso's proprietary technology is the first to use a business's complete credit and cash history for underwriting decisions and every policy is backed by A-rated insurance. Otso is available nationwide for commercial real estate office, retail, and industrial/flex properties.

About Megalytics

Megalytics is a leading CRETech innovator in tenant and market due diligence, providing real-time data-driven actionable insights that reduce risk and optimize economic outcomes for owners and operators of commercial real estate throughout the investment life cycle. It applies proprietary scoring algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to over 200 industry standard and non-traditional big and small data sources to deliver fully automated SaaS services and tech-enabled tenant risk and strategic market assessments.

Source: Otso