Women Entrepreneurs Who Want To Get Their Business Center Stage Get Help From Business Coach Stephana Johnson

Women small business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to take their business to the next level get expert help to have more clients and cash flow with new program "Get Your Business Center Stage" from business coach Stephana Johnson.

Women entrepreneurs and small business owners struggling to get new clients can now hold Center Stage in their business and have enthusiastic, paying clients by applying the strategies and tools in the groundbreaking "Get Your Business Center Stage" program announced today by business coach Stephana Johnson.

"There is nothing more important to the success of a business than turning potential clients into paying clients," said Johnson, a women's business coach in the Portland Vancouver Metro area and founder of Stephana Johnson: A Model For Business. "Yet many entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle when trying to explain their services to potential clients."

"There is nothing more important to the success of a business than turning potential clients into paying clients,"

Stephana Jonhnson, Owner

Drawing on her many years as a coach and consultant, and her extensive experience as an actress, Johnson has developed a step-by-step process that she uses to help clients convert over 75% of the prospective clients she talks with into new paying clients. She says that three key strategies any entrepreneur or small business owner can use to get new clients are:

Use a consistent system for communicating your message: When you are communiting your message, too many small business owners and entrepreneurs try to "wing it" without a script or plan. It's no surprise this approach doesn't result in many paying clients. By creating a simple yet effective system to follow in every conversation your chances for success increases.

Ensure the client is clear on what they really need and want before promoting your services – The enrollment conversation is about the client and their needs, not about you and what you offer.  So instead of trying to be interesting, be interested. For example, begin the conversation with certain key questions to understand the potential client's needs – then you bring them to a point where they will be excited to hear about the services you offer and how you and your services are the answer to their problem.

Do not try to solve the potential client's problem on the spot during the enrollment conversation – The consultation is not the time to help a prospect solve a partial problem they are having (but leaving the greater issue unsolved). It is an opportunity for them to see the complete solution to their business problem and to establish you as someone who can help them.

To find out more about Stephana Johnson:  A Model For Business and the "Get Your Business Center Stage" For More Clients and Cash Flow, visit www.stephanajohnson.com or call 360-936-3374