Women Against Legal Abuse, Inc. Seeks Exposure of Texas Court Corruption Through U.S. Supreme Court Petition Case # 21-1309

Citizen Seeks Equity in a Court System Geared Against People Without Lawyers.

Women Against Legal Abuse, Inc. founder, Wendy Meigs, fights to expose corruption and manipulation of the courts to secure the rights of individuals who encounter unrealistic expectations in a system with demands impossible to meet for an unrepresented individual.

After working with numerous lawyers in a case to win back a company illegally stolen from her, she realized Texas law fails the individual and the luxury we feel under the protection of Texas law is merely a façade built atop a foundation of money and power. "The power does not lie in the hands of the people as our Constitution promises," Meigs said. "Instead, the power is held in the palm of a few who only support each other."

One such issue of inequality presented itself in the form of requiring expert witnesses as demanded by existing case law. Meigs contacted numerous individuals to represent her as required by the courts. Expert witnesses will not represent an individual without a lawyer, Pro-se, due to the likelihood of the individual losing. An expert witness' reputation relies upon successful cases. Hence, when case law requires an expert witness, the individual cannot retain one. Without an expert witness, a judge will dismiss the case for not meeting the requirements. If an individual cannot get an expert witness, no matter how valid the case, the individual will always lose. This discrimination happened to Meigs and numerous people across the nation as seen in responses @WomenAgainstLegalAbuse.

Meigs exposes this discrimination against an individual representing themselves in her Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition to the requirement of equity for self-represented individuals in courts, Meigs includes other surprising examples of legal negligence to light of which the courts did nothing to acknowledge nor secure a change in their actions. "Equity is required for fairness," Meigs said. "Where is the equity when the individual citizen is ignored while rightfully standing up for herself?" The courts have yet to address these legally defined acts of malpractice. Meigs asks for those in similar situations to join her fight by contacting her through info@womenagainstlegalabuse.org or commenting @WomenAgainstLegalAbuse.

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Source: Women Against Legal Abuse, Inc.