Woman-Led Coffee Roaster Is Proving 'Everyone Deserves Great Coffee'

HALO (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization) joins East View Coffee Company as a non-profit partner.

East View Coffee Company, owner and coffee roaster

Local startup specialty coffee roaster, East View CoffeeCompany, is excited to announce its newest community partner, Racine-based HALO, as part of the company's Powering the Good™ program and mission. East View Coffee's community partnerships involve donating a dollar's worth of coffee for every bag of coffee sold. 

Welcoming  HALO as the latest community partner is a true commitment and passion for Jenny Ulbricht, founder and head roaster at East View Coffee. It means East View Coffee will be providing all of HALO's ongoing coffee needs. It means 15 pounds of freshly roasted coffee, creamer, and sugar each week. Critically important is that East View Coffee is not sending old coffee, less popular blends, or cheaper quality beans. Instead, the company sends its best, reinforcing the belief that everyone deserves great coffee. Ulbricht is honored to work with all the people at HALO—from staff and volunteers to the people who are experiencing homelessness—to understand what they enjoy and adjust to suit their needs. The Powering the Good program is all about seeing and hearing the community and then showing up in a way to help make it all work as well as possible. 

"Supporting our local community partners is the heart of our company. It's what truly motivates me and it's why I started East View Coffee," said Ulbricht.

Holly Anderle, the Executive Director of community partner HALO, said, "Having a great cup of coffee can mean the difference between having a 'blah' start to our day versus a positive start. But sometimes it's hard to get a good cup of coffee when you're living in a homeless shelter and your resources are tight. Thanks to the generosity of East View Coffee, our HALO clients, as well as our staff and volunteers, can all have fresh, tasty coffee to start the day out right.  And everyone here at HALO agrees: East View definitely makes a GREAT cup of coffee for a great cause!"

Local startup specialty coffee roaster, East View Coffee opened in December 2020 with a motto to Drink Coffee, Do Good. It is a woman-owned business, serving the area with wholesale and direct-to-consumer hand-roasted specialty coffee. East View's Powering the Good program is a vital part of the company's mission and vision for the local area.

Jenny Ulbricht has a diverse background, ranging from plumbing at the South Pole Station in Antarctica to being the second woman to circumnavigate Lake Superior in a kayak, to pursuing an MS degree in Geoscience. Ulbricht has a passion for coffee, is an environmental advocate, a believer in social justice, an ultrarunner, and enjoys spending time with her family when she's not behind the roaster.

East View Coffee is a small and growing woman-owned business, serving wholesale and direct-to-consumer hand-roasted specialty coffee. East View Coffee believes that thoughtful coffee can also be the tastiest coffee. We meticulously roast balanced and flavorful blends and approachable single-origin coffee in small batches, just for you. Drink coffee, do Good. 

HALO, or Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization, assists all homeless individuals and families in Racine County by providing emergency food, clothing, shelter, transitional and permanent housing, and supportive services through a collaborative structure that effectively coordinates services, shares information, increases funding, and eliminates duplication and gaps in services.


Source: East View Coffee Company

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