Wiztrust Incorporates Verification to Fight Fake Corporate News and Stock Swings

Wiztrust has been adopted by financial institutions such as Allianz, Schneider Electric and Natixis, and covers more than US $315 billion market cap.

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Wiztrust has incorporated blockchain verification into its communications platform. Their tool can help prevent stock market manipulation, protect the interests of their shareholders, and preserve the reputation of their executives.

Wiztrust allows companies to easily certify the announcements they distribute to press, investors and analysts. Corporate communications and investor relations professionals generate a unique fingerprint for their content files, ranging from earnings releases and shareholder letters to videos and photos.

“With the increasing sophistication of digital, audio and video technologies, fake financial news is easier to create and harder to detect,” says Wiztrust co-founder Raphaël Labbé. “Corporations and listed companies, as well as the news outlets that cover them, need to protect their brands from hacktivist activity.”

More than 15 financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, and real estate firms have implemented Wiztrust to certify their corporate news including Allianz, Bouygues, Groupe BPCE, Groupe Beneteau, Klépierre, Macif, Malakoff Humanis and Natixis, representing 300 billion Euros in market cap. Journalists can verify these companies’ announcements with a simple drag and drop on the Wiztrust platform – no software download needed.

In a world where accuracy and breaking news drive ad dollars, and trading decisions are made in milliseconds, verification platforms like Wiztrust will become indispensable to news workflows and corporate reputations.

About Wiztrust

Wiztrust was created by Wiztopic, the publisher of a platform solution for communications teams of financial and publicly listed companies. With Wiztopic, companies can manage, distribute and measure the performance of their content. With Wiztrust, they can now protect their content and shareholders' interest.

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